Today’s Ramblings #14

Fancy another Rambling installment? Yes? Well look no further lovely blog readers of mine because here it is! Now where shall we start? I know…

So just over a week ago (I know, I’m a little late here but better late than never right?) it was Groundhog Day…nope we’re not talking the day that everyone makes friends with the sofa and watches the movie, this is an actual date in the diary in America! My day started with  my aunty sending me a message asking what it was (apparently her phone tells her all the American holidays and possibly not the British ones!) and, as I wasn’t really sure myself I decided to look into it. It turns out there’s an actual, official Groundhog Day ceremony in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania! It runs a little bit like this – a groundhog that goes by the name of Punxsutawney Phil, is woken up from its winter sleep (poor sod, that would get me very angry indeed, sleep is my friend!!) and the results all rest upon his shadow. If, when he comes out of his burrow it is cloudy, then spring will come early, but if he emerges and sees his shadow from the sun, he quickly retreats and the winter weather will continue for another 6 weeks. Boooo. So, without further ado, here is a clip of this years ceremony…

Bugger. 6 more weeks of winter. This I am not impressed with! However, it turns our Georgia’s groundhog, General Beau Lee, came out of his burrow and didn’t see his shadow!!!! According to our groundhog spring is coming early and is just around the corner! I know which one I’m believing!! Good work General Beau Lee!!

I think it’s time you guys had a wedding diet update, don’t you think? Well…it’s still going well! I know, I’m amazed by this too! So well in fact, that I tried THE dress on the other day and I’m pleased to say it fitted MUCH better than the last time I had it on! Phew!! That was a big weight off my shoulders! (Well maybe off my belly!) Right now I’m 7 pounds lighter than I was when I started! Result! I am however, craving pizza, queso, burritos and other fat laden delicious treats! Argh! I’ve got this though! That dress needs to fit and fit it will! The gym is now one of my best friends and I’m eating copious amounts of cottage cheese as a snack! It’s not as tasty as some chips but it will have to do for now! And there’s always cheat day! Everybody has to have a cheat day!!

I got this from Starbucks the other day:

Ramblings 8Check out that pink cup holder!! So it’s apparently to advertise their new bakery range, La Boulange (some of those treats do look tasty but sadly the previously mentioned wedding diet means I need to steer clear at the moment!) and I think they’re ACE! They even matched my nail polish – I apologise, I realise that is one extremely girly sentence right there! I love a bit of pink and this brightens up my coffee cup and gives it a girly touch! However, I don’t think they’re going to be as popular with the male population! I know for a fact the German won’t be impressed with that on his coffee cup! Ah well, I’ll enjoy them!

And here’s a mental picture to leave you with…I’m currenlty listening to an 80s Spotify playlist. It has some ace tracks on it but it’s not helping with my productivity! Whilst listening I find myself singing away, dancing in my seat and carrying out some excellent fist grabbing movements to the likes of Phil Collins, Lionel Richie, Whitesnake and Eric Carmen! This means I’m not concentrating and my hands aren’t typing! Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who does this kind of thing?


2 thoughts on “Today’s Ramblings #14

  1. I read this on my little iPod yesterday, and when I fired up my computer and Spotify I immediately found an 80’s playlist. There may or may not have been wiggling and waving and singing happening in this area of the world … only my labrador knows, and I bribed her with a treat to not share her secret.

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