Happy Blog-niversary!

Get the cake and candles ready because this blog is celebrating! Me, Myself and Atlanta! is officially 1-year-old today! Yep, this time last year I was stepping into the unknown and writing my first ever blog post…eeek! I had no idea what to expect when I entered the world of blogging, I kind of just wanted something to do in those first few months of being a lonely expat in a brand new country! I wanted to use it as a way to keep in touch with people back home and to keep them updated with our new adventures and what we were getting up to, but since then it’s turned into a whole lot more and I love it!

Blogniversary 1
I’ve always enjoyed writing – hey, I’m a journalist, it kind of goes with the territory! But I’ve never really written things like this, I was a broadcast journalist – I wrote and read the news on the radio, therefore stories had to be clear, concise and in as fewer lines as possible! Nothing like the essays I write here so this was a new challenge for me! I literally had no idea what I was doing when I wrote that first post, I was completely clueless about this whole blogging world!

But what an experience my first 12 months in it has been! I definitely didn’t realise I was making my way into a huge community of people who all look out for and support each other! There’s definitely a whole lotta love in blogland and I am so glad that I’ve been welcomed into the community with open arms! Fellow bloggers are always willing to help you out with hints and tips on how to make your little piece of the internet even better and for that I am so grateful! Really, I have no idea what I’m doing on my little piece of the internet – yeah, I can do the writing side of things but when it comes to the technical stuff I’m LOST! So THANK YOU sooooo much for all your help, whether it’s a post I’ve read, a comment you’ve left me or some words of encouragement – you’re ace!

Over the year I’ve seen my numbers steadily grow but, like all bloggers, I want them to grow even more! I don’t think they’ll ever be high enough! When it comes to the blog views I’ve turned into the German – he seems to have some sort of obsession/addiction to numbers and watching them grow! I think he checks my stats more than I do and don’t even get him started on Delta Skymiles – seriously, he’s addicted to that thing! Anyway, I digress!

I feel like I have achieved a lot in my first year of blogging, but there’s still a lot to do to make it even better! So, I’ve come up with some goals to help me get there over the next 12 months:

1. Share the blog love more
Sure, I read other blogs, but more often that not I quickly move onto the next post, usually because I don’t have much time and I’m fitting the blog reading around something else. This is not going to get me more blog love! I need to make time to read blogs properly and comment on them in every way, shape and form! Big people up if I’ve enjoyed their posts (which I do a lot, I just never get around to the commenting part!) and discover new blogs to share the love with!

2. Spend more time working on the content of my blog
Often, I just write about things that  have happened or where we’ve been exploring – simples. Lately though, I’ve done a couple of posts about the things I love and hate (that’s a strong word, I don’t mean hate!) about my life as an expat in America. I really want to do more of this stuff, but, they take more time and, like most of us, I’m usually trying to fit too much into my day (being a temporary lady of leisure can be busy you know!) and never seem to have time to sit down and brainstorm things, put all the ideas that are whizzing around my head onto paper and eventually into a blog post! I need to designate time to blogging, and blogging is all I will do during that time!

3. Improve the look of my piece of blog land
I’m not one for technical things – just ask the German! Usually I have no idea how to change simple things on a computer, that can be a bit problematic when trying to create a kick ass blog! So, I’ve purchased this:

Blogniversary 2
Yep, I’m planning to get to grips with my fear of HTML, confusing codes and, lets face it, computers in general, to give the little piece of the internet I call my blog a makeover! Argh! We’ll see how all this works out! I’m hoping to do it without the help of the German but we’ll see about that!! Keep visiting to see if it works!

4. Network with other bloggers
The word ‘network’ strikes fear deep inside me. I hate it. I’m not the best at making conversation (despite the fact I used to walk up to random people in the street back in my journalist days) and making new contacts. But, to get on in the blogging world (and in life!), I’ve realised that this has to be done so network I will. You want a guest post? I’m your woman! You want a shout out for some blog love? Me again! You want the view of a British expat on something? You guessed it, I’m here!

So there we have it – I can’t quite believe a year has passed in blog land, but I’m ready and raring to go for the next 12 months!

But there’s one thing I still need to do and that is to say a big fat THANK YOU to you, my lovely blog readers! Without you this piece of the internet wouldn’t be what it is now! I appreciate every visit you make to read a post, check out a picture, see what adventures we’ve been on and how expat life is treating this little (well, I’m 5ft 9″) British girl in Atlanta! So, grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine, depending on what time it is, and prepare yourselves for another year of slightly random blog posts that I hope will entertain you as much as the last 12 months!


2 thoughts on “Happy Blog-niversary!

  1. Happy Blog-niversary, Rachel! I love reading your blog – you capture the wonder and excitement and crap of being an expat in a new country/America, I get to see “my” country through your eyes, I used to live in the Atlanta area so get to see THAT through your eyes, too … plus I just really enjoy your enthusiasm!

    I know (and teach) HTML/CSS/WordPress, so if there’s any technical help I can offer please let me know!! Blogosphere connections gotta stick together. 🙂

    Do you follow Deanna, an American married to *her* German and living in Germany? (I can’t remember if I’ve seen you commenting on her blog, or her on yours.) She has a weekly competition, and reading the other posts that link up has brought many new bloggers to my attention. One of them is picked to be featured on her blog on Saturdays. It would be another way to expand your expat (and other) connections!

    • Thanks Cindi! I’m glad you enjoy ‘your’ country through my little expat eyes! I think you’ll enjoy the post I’m working on now…it’s all about ice and this blummin winter storm!
      Thanks for the WordPress/HTML/CSS offer! I’ll let you know on that front. I’m slowly making my way through the book! I’m sure there will be things I can’t work out! I’m really not very technically minded!!
      As for Deanna – I literally just started following here this week! It’s on my list to join her link up!
      Thanks for the tips and here’s to you enjoying the blog for another 12 months! Fingers crossed!

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