Exploring: Baby Pandas at Atlanta Zoo.

How was your Valentine’s weekend people? My treat (aside from queso and wings at Taco Mac – the German knows how to treat a lady!) was a trip to Zoo Atlanta!!!!

Pandas 1
Now, I’ve already been to the zoo with my brother and sister-in-law but that was before these little creatures were allowed out for the world to see:



Yep the baby panda cubs! Aren’t they just the cutest things ever!! They’re also known as Mei Hunn and Mei Huan and are the latest cubs born to Lun Lun. The cubs were born on July, 15, 2013 – they were the first giant pandas to be born in the US in 2013 and the first twin cubs to be born in the US since 1987!Wow!

Right, that’s enough of the boring stuff – time for those all important cutest pictures ever!! We were lucky – these guys were very active when we were there and getting into all sorts of cute trouble! They loved playing with the Valentine’s garland the zoo keepers had made for them and of course, like all siblings, liked to bully each other and push each other about!

Seriously, how cute are they? I could have literally watched them for hours! In fact, I think we spent at least an hour with them! I failed to tell you that pandas are the German’s favourite animals. He LOVES them! I think it’s because he is a little bit like them, likes to just hang around and chill, be a lazy bum and eat! Well he doesn’t tuck into bamboo, that’s for sure, but the boy does like his food! So you can imagine how excited he was heading to the pandas – he made us go straight there, skipping all the other animals along the way! They could wait until later – the pandas were the most important!

The little panda cubs were hanging out with their mum who picked one of them off the climbing frame and tried to stop her getting back up! Cheeky! But she made it and they all hung out together for a while before momma panda bear went to get some food:

I seriously wanted to take these little babies home (and that’s coming from the girl who doesn’t like animals) because they were just so cute! There little bums, the way the moved around and hung out on the climbing frame, stretching and nearly falling off! Did I mention that they’re cute? However, the German said that one day they would get too big so taking them home probably wasn’t a good idea. Spoil sport.

I did, however, take a little video for your perusal too as one of the little panda cubs attempted to get back on the climbing frame – check this out for a cuteness overload:

Fancy some more random panda facts? Well, word on the street (well from the zoo people!) is that pandas can poop up to 100 times in 24 hours creating up to 45 pounds of poop a day! Now that is a whole lotta poop! Sorry for the poop content but I think that had to be shared! You can go and wow your work colleagues and friends with a random panda fact! You can thank me later!

Now, where were we before the  poop diversion…oh yeah, just next to the baby pandas was another giant panda who was also very active – I think it was Yang Yang – the father of the cubs and partner of Lun Lun. Running around with his bamboo, climbing on his frame, falling off his rope, ripping apart his garland – he definitely knew how to entertain!

Here’s a clip of the big guy in action:

But, after a hard day entertaining the crowds and looking after your baby panda cubs, there’s only one thing for it…a good stick of bamboo:

Of course, these weren’t the only animals we saw during out trip to the zoo but I think the pandas needed a post of their own – don’t ya think? Don’t worry though – the other animals will get some blog time – just in another post! Stay tuned for that one guys!

Serioulsy though…you can’t deny that there isn’t a whole lot of cuteness in this post and this could actually be the cutest blog post you’ve ever read in your life, ever?!



11 thoughts on “Exploring: Baby Pandas at Atlanta Zoo.

  1. Aww, I love pandas! We got to see some still in the incubator at the zoo in Madrid. Such a rare treat to see baby pandas since there are so few!

    • The pandas in the incubator must have been sooooo small! I remember when they were born here and apparently they were the size of a stick of butter!! Madness! We’re definitely lucky to have them on our doorstep!

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