Food: 5 of the Best Atlanta Restaurants

Eating out is big here in the States and since moving to Atlanta we’ve done it LOTS! After trying out a good selection of restaurants in this fab city I thought I would share some of my favourites with you…there’s a long this so here are the first 5! What can I say? This girl likes her food!! There will definitely be more of these lists making a blog appearance as we carry on eating our way around Atlanta!!

Restaurants 2

1. Table & Main – Roswell
If you’re looking for authentic Southern food then this is the place to go! We first tried this place out when my brother and sister-in-law were visiting for Becky’s birthday and it was beautiful! The cute traditional building complete with a porch (you know how I want a house with a porch, rocking chairs and a swing!) had already won my heart and that was before we tasted the food! The German and I opted for the Preservation Plate full of seasonal goodies which I then followed with the fried chicken. I have 3 words to describe it ‘Oh My Lord!’ It was just amazing! I’m talking half a chicken piled on your plate coated in some amazing seasoned breadcrumbs – just divine! I obviously had it with a side of mac n’ cheese – it had to be done! If you go there you HAVE to try it! They do good desserts too as well as cocktails – we can’t forget those!

2. 6 Feet Under – Grant Park

Catfish, calamari and hush puppies with zucchini fries!

Catfish, calamari and hush puppies with zucchini fries!

This place serves up a heart attack on a plate but it’s probably the best heart attack on a plate you’ll ever have! It’s located across the road from Oakland Cemetery – the oldest cemetery in Atlanta, and if you sit on the patio upstairs you can literally look straight into it and at the huge gravestones! It sounds pretty creepy but I can assure you it isn’t! It’s described as a pub and fish house and, as well as serving up a good selection of draft beers (something that always makes the German happy!) it also serves up some of the best deep-fried fish in the city of Atlanta! I’m talking catfish (a southern classic!) oysters, shrimp (or prawns if you’re a Brit like me!) calamari, scallops, cod – the list is endless and each and every one of them is amazing! (Alright, I haven’t tasted them all but I’ve had a good chunk of them and they were all very tasty!!) The baskets are the best! They come with hush puppies (another southern classic I’ve discovered!) and a side of your choice – I went for the zucchini fries and they were delish!!! It’s no good for your waistline but it’s sooooo good for your taste buds!

3. Noche – Virginia Highlands
This tapas restaurant has 4 locations – Virginia Highlands, Brookhaven, Johns Creek and Vinings, we visited the restaurant in Virginia Highlands and we weren’t disappointed! Inside it was a cosy, modern hide out that was pretty busy that’s for sure! We had a table reserved so we were ok – I reckon it needs to be done if you don’t want to be waiting for ages! So, obviously this is tapas which means lots of little dishes – something I love! I really enjoy trying different things (this stems from Pa Cook when I was little!) and often get food envy if the German has something that is nicer than mine! Sharing everything means I get the best of both worlds and no food envy – result! I think we may have sampled the goats cheese fritters, the meatballs (always got to be done at a tapas restaurant!) some paella, probably some sort of potato dish along with some other tasty morsels and each and every one was delicious!! If you’re after tapas – this is the place to go! We really need to go back there sometime soon…

4. 5 Seasons Brewing – Sandy Springs
This is another restaurant with a few locations – the one we tested out though is in Sandy Springs. It’s a firm favourite with the German, simply because it brews its own beer! Yep, this place has its own brewery and produces, among others, German style beers, another reason why it’s a winner with that German of mine! Along side that beer is the food – any place that does good beer and good food is a keeper! We’re talking typical pub food, including good old fish and chips from England and a ploughman’s with a German twist including bratwurst and potato salad along with pizzas, sandwiches, or course burgers and fried chicken! I’ve had a pizza before (very tasty!) and last time I had one of the specials – Georgia trout – and it was cooked to perfection! When my brother came over he had the crispy alligator (it tasted like chicken, like every ‘different’ meat does!) and it got full marks – I think the gulf shrimp and cheddar grit cake sounds tasty too! I know what I’ll be trying next time…

5. One Star Ranch – Buckhead

Ribs, coleslaw and fries!

Ribs, coleslaw and fries!

And last, but by no means least on my list so far is the One Star Ranch in Buckhead. From the outside, this place doesn’t look very special  but believe me, it is not to be overlooked!! Inside there are licence plates stuck all over the walls along with dollar bill notes that people have signed – it definitely gives it an atmosphere and makes the place look loved! Add to that the fact that the BBQ that comes out of this place is out of this world and we’ve got a winning combination!! We’re talking juicy ribs, chicken, pulled pork, brisket, turkey, beef ribs and sausage along with some amazing sides like coleslaw, baked beans, Brunswick stew, cornbread and of course fries! It’s not the cleanest meal you’ll go out to eat (you’ll use a lot of the roll of napkins on the table!) but it’s definitely one of the tastiest! The best BBQ in ATL if you ask me and it’s won awards to prove it! It’s all served on plastic plates with separate sections for the BBQ and sides – I think it’s very authentic! Oh and you can’t forget the margaritas that come in pint glasses! Oh yes, nobody can look at a pint of margarita and say no! And, as luck would have it I’m heading here later…BBQ incoming!! Sorry wedding diet!!

* This is an unsponsored blog. I did not receive any payments for any of these reviews – all thoughts are my own and from the pit of my very grateful stomach!



15 thoughts on “Food: 5 of the Best Atlanta Restaurants

  1. I found you from the link up! I am from Georgia, but currently living in South Korea. I love Table & Main. I look forward to reading more about your adventures in GA.

    • Welcome along! Table & Main is one of the best! Wow to South Korea – it must be so much different to Georgia! I’ll have to go and check out your blog! Here’s hoping you like the rest of my adventures and they don’t make you homesick!

  2. I’m still so amazed at the size of our portions in the States! You just made me a tad homesick! I just love the eating out scene!! Yum!

    • The portions do nothing for your waistline though! I don’t think I’ll ever get used to them – I have realised that you should always go for the smaller option though! Eating out over here is just soooo good! I have such a long list of places till to try and it’s forever growing! Sorry for the pang of homesickness!

  3. I haven’t tried Table and Main yet, but it is on our list. There are so many good restaurants in Atlanta I find it hard to choose – Ecco, Iberian Pig, King + Duke, Greater Good BBQ, Taqueria del Sol, Fritti, Sotto Sotto, I could keep going 🙂 Now I am hungry!

    • You HAVE to go to Table and Main – it’s amazing! Make sure you have the fried chicken with mac n’ cheese! Thanks for the other suggestions, I’ll add them to my restaurant bucket list! That thing is forever growing!! I’m also hungry now!

  4. I love all of these places. I live really close to a 5 Seasons Brewery. Their food is awesome. And I used to live by the Noche in Vinings as well. So yummy. I have’t eaten there in FOREVER! 6 Feet Under is another fabulous place. Their food is always great.

    I would add La Fonda to the list (Love them) and JCT Kitchen. Mmm…so so good!

    • Oooh La Fonda and JCT Kitchen – they’re now on the list! I haven’t heard of La Fonda (but will be googling it as soon as I’ve typed this!) but my friend went to JCT Kitchen the other day and said we HAVE to try it!

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