Today’s Ramblings #15

It’s been a while but once again it’s time for some ramblings from your friendly expat Brit! So grab a brew, sit back and let me fill you in on what’s been happening lately!

We’ve had a kick up the butt lately and realised that Wedding Number 2 is literally just around the corner. Oh dear lord. Last weekend we were transported into wedding hell. We spent all of Saturday afternoon and evening along with Sunday afternoon and evening sorting. By sorting I mean invitations, menus, table plans, translations (that was the German’s job of course!) and place cards. By the end of Sunday evening I’d had enough. I’d written our name and address on around 80 RSVP card envelopes, written the addresses of our guests on the invitation envelopes and licked and sticked around 80 of them. My mouth felt like Ghandi’s flip flop and I was over sorting out wedding things…well for now at least. I can’t ditch it all together! We achieved a lot though – the German was happy with that! We have a list of things we HAVE to do before we head back to Germany next weekend and there’s still some things that need ticking off. I’m guessing that will be this weekend’s job. Ugh.

Before wedding stuff on Sunday though we did take time out for some brunch:

Ramblings 9
Going out for brunch is a big thing here in the States, I mean like massive! Having a brunch date is as popular as having a dinner date. There are certain cafe’s that open specifically for breakfast and brunch, just about everywhere has a brunch menu and believe me, the stuff they do is so good! We’ve joined the brunch band wagon before but it had been awhile so we jumped in with both feet on Sunday and tried somewhere new! So off we went to West Egg Café. It was my choice, simply because the place the German found was closed! This place had good ratings and when arrived there was a HUGE queue. We ended up waiting for an hour for a table (thankfully though it was the warmest day of the year so far so we waited outside with a coffee!) and we weren’t disappointed:

Ramblings 10
One happy German right there! By this point we were starving but every mouthful was delicious, even if we weren’t about to eat each other in an act of cannibalism! (not really but we were very hungry!) The German went for the Chicken Chilaquiles and I opted for the Salmon Cakes Benedict:

Ramblings 11
I think we’ll definitely be heading back there again soon, even if we have to wait for an hour! After brunch we went for a little stroll before entering wedding hell again! This time we opted for the Big Trees trail – unsurprisingly it’s full of, yep, you guessed it, big trees!

Ramblings 12
Yes, I am an idiot and yes, the German often looks on in despair like that! I was excited, the sun was out, it was hot and it seemed like spring was finally on the way…until today, when it turned cold again. Boooo. Come on spring…

Also…can you believe it’s March tomorrow? Me neither! Where is this year going? It will be Christmas before we know it!


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