Atlanta: The 9th Most Dangerous City in the US

It turns out I live in the 9th most dangerous city in the US. Yes people, you read that right, out of all the cities in this huge country the one we’ve set up camp in is the 9th most dangerous. Scary? In the words of Kevin McAllister in Home Alone ‘I don’t think so!’

Atlanta 1
This is the result of a survey, come from FBI data that is analyzed by Law Street – it takes into account cities with more than 200, 000 residents, a report was then published in the Huffington Post a couple of weeks ago. The data looks at the number of murders, rapes and aggrevated assaults that took place in the first half of 2013 and compares the figures to those from 2012.

On that basis, here is the Top 10:

1. Detroit, Michigan
2. Oakland, California
3. St. Louis, Missouri
4. Memphis, Tennessee
5. Stockton, California
6. Birmingham, Alabama
7. Baltimore, Maryland
8. Cleveland, Ohio
9. Atlanta, Georgia
10. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Now, the US is a huge place as we all know, so for Atlanta to come 9th in this list must mean it has some high numbers on that survey, and if you listen to the news you’d think we live in the worst city in the world! Every single news cast involves some sort of murder, shooting, robbery or other act of violence. It’s enough to scare you away for good!

But, does this bother these little expats that have set up camp here. Nope. And why? Well, for a start you can’t live your life in fear, if you did you would never leave the house! And that is not what 2 expats in a new country are supposed to do! We’re here to explore, and explore we will!

Have we ever experienced or witness any of this crime? Well, the German was robbed once but that was technically his own fault for leaving his bag unattended at soccer! Apart from that though, nope. (And touch wood we never will be! I hope you’re all touching some wood now!!) You notice a pattern on the news about where these things happen (usually in the south of Atlanta) therefore we stay away from those places! No brainer right?!

I suppose what I am trying to say here is don’t believe everything you read! Atlanta is a huge city, crime is bound to take place, just like it does everywhere. Branding it the 9th dangerous city in the US would have people believe it is not a safe place to be, but it is! It’s certain areas that are worse than others, as in every town and city in the world!

I for one love this city and would never dissuade people from coming here! So in your face Dangerous Cities in the US survey!!


4 thoughts on “Atlanta: The 9th Most Dangerous City in the US

  1. Haha I live outside of the first – it doesn’t phase me at all tbh, yes there’s places you shouldn’t go, especially not alone and I guess a lot of the crime would be categorised as arson – a lot of the empty homes and businesses just get set on fire but people who seem to have a fetish for it. Downtown Detroit your pretty much fine, same for Mid Town and Greektown, if you’re heading for a game – hockey, baseball or football you’re pretty much secure too. It’s a always a case of using your common sense. We’ve been in neighbourhoods for estate sales and never had any issues.

    But yeah it kinda sucks when “there hasn’t been a murder in three days” makes the news.

    • I did think about you when I wrote the post, knowing that you’re somewhere in Detroit! But I also had the thought that is must only be certain areas of the city and because a wide area is pretty derelict. Plus, just stay away from the dodgy areas! It is bad when the fact there isn’t a murder is news though…!

  2. I wouldn’t worry about this at all! Its one of the things I have learned this year that sometimes ignorance is bliss. Now that I’m not in Minneapolis anymore, I feel like all I ever hear about are new shootings/etc (from the news outlets I follow on Twitter). I’m sure atlanta is a great place!

    • Atlanta is a fab place! The crime doesn’t phase me at all – it happens in every city you live in, you just have to stay away from the dodgy places! It’s true though, everything on the news is shootings etc. If you listened to that you’d never leave the house!

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