Leaving on a jet plane…

Yes people, it’s that time again! I’m heading back to Europe for a couple of weeks! Woop woop! So depending on what time you read this I will be once again either rushing around the house cleaning it for the burglars and packing my last bits and bobs (no doubt forgetting something, that always happens!) or attempting to pass the 9 hour plane trip!

Jet Plane 1
But the best thing is what we are heading to Europe for…apart from finishing that all important wedding planning (ugh!) we’re having our hen and stag parties!!! Wooooop! (sorry American friends, by hen and stag parties I mean bachelor and bachelorette parties!) Yes, our bridesmaids and best man have organised them for us (phew! One less thing for us to worry about!) and we have no idea where we are going! All the German knows is that he has to be ready for 9:30am next Saturday and I literally know nothing apart from the fact it is next Saturday in England. Let the magical mystery tour commence!! I’ll keep you posted on what we get up to – well mine anyway, the German will be in another country under the close eye of Pa Cook and my big bro!

Before all that though we’re heading to Germany to make sure everything is sorted for this thing we’re calling a wedding! We need to meet the priest and the organist, head to the florists armed with pictures (that I still need to print off!) and of course to the venue where we get to do the fun stuff of trying the food and choosing the wine! Obviously this is the part I am most looking forward to – you know this girl loves food!!

I can promise you this though – it definitely won’t be a relaxing trip back that’s for sure! We have things planned everyday in Germany, then once I head to England I think my calendar is pretty full! Lots of people to catch up with, babies to cuddle and family to see! I wouldn’t change it for the world though – I am so excited to see everyone!!


6 thoughts on “Leaving on a jet plane…

    • Thanks! If you arrange one on a beach in Florida in 3 weeks they’re simple – a bigger wedding in Germany when you live in the US and have family and friends travelling from England is a whole new ball game! It’s starting to come together now though!

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