The mysterious case of the mason jar…

We have a mason jar. On the coffee table. With various flavours of Hershey’s Kisses inside…

Mason jar 1

We only have the good flavours inside – we’re talking cherry, candy cane, hugs and mint truffle – and not the plain milk chocolate ones, those things are nasty! Also, we only have them in the jar because I forgot to take them back to Europe at Christmas…whoops!

This is beside the point, the point is that this jar keeps falling over. In the middle of the night. It keeps falling over on a completely flat surface. It’s a jar, it’s sturdy, there’s nothing to suggest that it can just topple over….

This started happening when we went back to Europe for Christmas, we came home and the jar was on its side. I noticed it and thought it might have been the maintenance men when they came to turn the heating on during the freezing temperatures. Case solved.

Or so I thought…

This jar falling over thing is still going on. The German thought he’d solved it by closing the chimney, thinking that an animal might be popping in for a couple of chocolates and then disappearing back up there again. Before we go any further can we just have a moment for the fact that an animal might actually be able to make it down a chimney, into our apartment and back up again! Argh!!

It stopped for a couple of nights but the other morning we woke up and it had fallen over again. Cue the emergence of Inspector Richter. The German was then determined to work out what it was, so, before going to bed he left a light on and set up his iPad to record the scene. We woke up the following morning and the jar was still upright, typical. The German seems to think it had moved slightly but the iPad only records 3 hours before it decides to stop. Not helpful when you’re trying to track down the culprit responsible for knocking down a mason jar in the middle of the night!

We woke up the other morning and the jar was on its side again. What the hell is it?! If this thing is an animal, it’s living in our house with us!! ARGH!!! And why have we not seen it? Does it only come out at night? The German came home looking for holes in the walls the other day – he also had the idea that one of us might be sleepwalking but, it’s so dark in our house at night we’d either walk into something or have to turn a light on and wake the other one up, plus we weren’t in the country when it first started happening so sleepwalking has been ruled out!

To try to catch this beast I’ve set up a trap…well it’s not really a trap but it might help! As you know we’re out of the country and back in Europe doing wedding stuff and getting drunk to celebrate our impending marriage. So, I’ve filled up this mason jar with chocolates, when the German comes back (he’s back before me!) he needs to check if this thing is upright and how many chocolates are missing. That way we know there is definitely something in this house pinching our chocolates!!

Any ideas of what it might be? If there is some sort of creature living here it needs to be gone…and fast! I’ll keep you updated on the progress!


5 thoughts on “The mysterious case of the mason jar…

    • Inspector Richter is on the case! He tried with his iPad but it only records 3 hours at a time. When we get back he reckons he’s going to record it and getting up to start it again every 3 hours – we’ll see how he gets on with that, he’s not the best at getting out of bed! I’m just hoping it’s not some sort of wierd animal that’s set up home in our home!

    • I know! I’m hoping it’s not a rodent! The thing is there aren’t any other signs of disturbance – that’s the wierd thing! The German will be back in Atlanta soon so we’ll see if it’s in the same place when we get back!

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