Exploring: Tales from Germany.

So last week we jumped on that jet plane (well actually we walked on but jumped just sounds better!) and headed across the pond to the German’s homeland. Our main aim was to get this wedding we’re having sorted along with those all important hen and stag parties. But there were some little things I noticed along the way that I thought I had to share with you.

Germany 1
German’s are, shall we say, different creatures. Not different in a bad way, just different in the way they act and do things. It’s all good though, obviously, if not I wouldn’t have picked one to be my husband! Here are a few observations I’ve made whilst in the country lately:

1. Hot coffee cups
On our way to Mutter und Vater Richter’s house we stopped off for a coffee at a service station. Now, picking up a coffee in the States is something we do on a daily basis, it’s a way of life. But, when we were given our coffees at the service station in their paper cups there was something wrong…the cup sleeve was missing. Cue Rachel burning her hands and walking out of the service station precariously balancing the hot coffee and nearly spilling it all over. What is wrong with these people? Do they have asbestos hands? I think we need to introduce them to the coffee cup sleeve to prevent any serious burns!

2. Actual mugs in Starbucks
Another coffee related observation I know but we had to try to stay awake all day on 1 hour of sleep! After the German took me to a football match (it made him a very happy bunny) we headed into town and stopped off at Starbucks to refuel our caffeine intake. Now in America every trip to Starbucks, whether you’re drinking in the store or taking the drink away, you get it in a paper cup, so imagine my surprise when I was handed an actual mug! Yep, a proper if you drop it on the floor it will smash mug!

Germany 2
Look at those beauties! I think it may have even tasted a little nicer from those mugs instead of the paper cups. Plus there wasn’t any burning your hands with a lack of a cup sleeve problems. Maybe America needs to take a leaf out of Germany’s book when it comes to Starbucks, although having said that it’s probably because of the amount of cups of coffee sold in America and the convenience of being able to throw the cup away when you’re done.

3. Lingerie and Coffee anyone?
Coffee is a big thing in Germany – some people sit down to coffee and cake every afternoon and I think just about every single person must drink coffee more than once a day, along with beer I think it’s their national drink! So, there’s no surprise that observation number 3 is based around coffee. Whilst driving through Osnabrück I noticed this little gem and made the German take a picture when we were sitting in traffic:

Germany 3
Yes, you’re seeing that right, that is a café called Cup & Cups and combines a coffee shop with lingerie. It’s something I’ve never seen before and a combination I would never put together, however, I can see the appeal – a cup of coffee whilst buying some lingerie…yes please! However, I can’t imagine the German just popping in for a cup, I’m guessing this place has mostly female customers.

4. German’s love scarves.
I think there’s a rule in Germany that you’re not allowed to leave the house without a scarf. Seriously. They are everywhere.

Germany 4
Every woman walking around in Germany is wearing a scarf, if you’re not I think you’re definitely not in the ‘in’ crowd! They come in all shapes and sizes, some a huge around their necks, others medium sized, some not worth wearing. Even in the 20 degree celsius heat we experienced over the weekend, each and every woman we passed was wearing a scarf. Me? Nope, I ditched them this week – it was too hot! My advice to you, if you’re heading to Germany, make sure you take a selection of different scarves, even if it’s the middle of summer.

5. Coloured trousers…for men.
And saving the best for last – German men seem to have a new found love for coloured trousers, particularly red ones. That’s right, German MEN like to wear red trousers. Women I can understand, in fact, I have a pair myself, but men? In one short trip to Osnabrück I spotted a total of 7 men wearing them, including this one:

Germany 5These even came complete with matching red shoes. Isn’t it just a lovely combination? This discovery came on my first day in Germany and it wasn’t about to end there. The following day we went to a restaurant for some sushi, there, we spotted a couple with his and hers matching red trousers. On Monday we went to Münster where the red trouser spotting continued, one older man was spotted with red trousers and a green jacket – red and green should never be seen. And the coloured trousers don’t stop at red either – yellow ones were spotted along with, wait for it, green. Yes, one man in the same sushi restaurant as the his and hers red trouser wearers was spotted with green trousers and an orange jumper! Really? I think these German boys need to be taught some fashion sense. Thankfully my German isn’t in this club!


10 thoughts on “Exploring: Tales from Germany.

  1. I see a lot of scarves in Norway too … and I’ve jumped on that bandwagon. They keep my neck warm! And they make changing the look of an outfit easier when packing/traveling! They also help to hide my aging neck, but that’s another subject. 🙂

    The colored trousers for men? Definitely not a fan. Like you and your German, I’m thankful my Norwegian doesn’t go for it. 🙂

  2. Guys dress so much differently here in Iceland so whenever I go back home I feel like all the guys are dressed like lazy bums. I wish we had a Starbucks here I miss it!

  3. I’ve definitely felt the need to learn how to tie a scarf appropriately since living here. 😉 And those colored pants are everywhere it seems and I loathe them. But I love the real coffee cups! I love lots of things about Germany, clearly since I made it my home. 🙂

    • If you don’t know how to tie a scarf properly you won’t fit in! 😉 So glad you don’t like the coloured trousers either and I’m definitely with you on the real coffee cups! I do agree though – there’s lots of thinks to love about Germany, no doubt about that!

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