Wedding, wedding, wedding…

So, as you know we’ve were in Germany for a few days this week (I made a few observations that you can read about here) mostly for a spot of wedding planning. The big day is just a couple of months away now (oh my lord) so we really needed to get a lot of things finalised and sorted before I headed to England.

Cue a very busy few days…

We met with the organist on Sunday to talk about the music we want during the ceremony. Thankfully, she’s happy to learn how to play an English hymn and she knew all the other music we’d decided on. Phew. Meeting number one went well.

Next was a trip to Münster to meet with the priest who will conduct our ceremony in church. A priest who lives an hour away from the German’s little village is doing the ceremony, purely because he can speak English and the local priest can’t. We’re lucky he’s agreed to it and I’m very grateful he’s happy to do it. So, we spent a couple of hours with him, talking about how things will work in church and what languages the different parts will be done in. We made our decisions and walked out happy.

Our third meeting saw us heading to the wedding venue and involved this:

Wedding 1This was the fun part of the trip – tasting the food for the big day! We tried every thing we’ll be eating on our wedding day and made our final choices, and believe me there was a lot! We obviously didn’t eat everything we had on our plates – I don’t think we could have physically fitted it in plus it didn’t really help our wedding diets, but everything we tasted was delicious! We also chose the wine and made decisions on decoration and checked out the room I’ll be getting ready in.Mission accomplished.

Finally, we headed to the florist before I had to rush back, pack my suitcase and head to the airport. I had to use my pigeon German and some photos but I think I managed to help the florist to understand what I wanted. At one point I was running around her shop trying to find what I was attempting to describe! It worked, and everything should be exactly how I want it on the big day. Fingers crossed, or as they say in Germany, daumen drücken!

Now that’s all done it’s time to get excited for our hen and stag parties. They’re both taking place tomorrow, meaning we’ll both be a little worse for wear at the same time and probably not wondering what the other one is getting up to! My bridesmaids have organised mine and the German’s best man has organised his – we don’t know anything about them, not even where we are going! I got back to Ma and Pa Cook’s house and found this little beauty waiting for me:

Wedding 2
An official invitation to my hen do! How lovely is that? My bridesmaids are the best! However, all I know is that I have to be ready on Saturday, March 15, 2014. I presume all will be revealed then…wish me luck!


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