A mysterious mason jar update.

Remember that post I wrote about the mysterious case of the mason jar? Well, the drama is continuing people and it ain’t pretty! So when we left America a couple of weeks ago I filled the jar on the coffee table and it looked like this:

Mason jar 1
And when the German returned home a couple of days ago it looked like this:

mason jar 2
Yes people, something has been eating our chocolates from our mason jar and is living in our house. Nobody has been in or out of that place for over a week and the chocolates have disappeared.

So, in an effort to find out what the hell it is the German laid a trap, suggested to us by our sister-in-law. He laid out some flour on the floor and placed the mason jar on it like so:

mason jar 3
His camera skills weren’t the greatest there. The plan was to leave it overnight and if whatever is pinching our chocolates came back for more footprints would be left in the flour. The following morning the German sent me this picture:

mason jar 4
ARGH! It’s official. Something is living in our house and eating our chocolates! The only question now is: What the hell is it and where the hell is it hiding out?! There’s no other disturbance in the apartment. We never hear any animal sounds. We never find the empty wrappers anywhere. And we don’t see any droppings around. This thing is an animal, it has to do its business somewhere! We’re thinking it could be a squirrel that got in through the chimney when it was open at Christmas. Here’s a closer look at the prints:

mason jar 5
What do you think it could be?

I’ve told the German this thing needs to be gone and fast, preferably before I return to Atlanta in a couple of days. He’s supposed to be heading to the leasing office and putting in a service request but he’ll be home after the office has closed so I don’t know how he’s planning that one! He says he’s going to set his iPad up to record it tonight and reckons he’ll get up every 3 hours to restart the recording. We’ll see what happens with that one.

It’s a little scary to think we’ve been sharing our home with an uninvited guest since Christmas. Hopefully it won’t be around for too much longer though…


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