Cluck cluck…happy hens!!

It happened. That there hen do of mine actually happened and let me just tell you it was amazing!! Those bridesmaids of mine pulled out all the stops and made it fabulous and for that I can’t thank them enough. I am one lucky lady to have friends like mine.

Wedding 2
Now, as you know I had no idea where I was going or what was going to happen – this hen do was a magical mystery tour! I found out on Saturday morning (well Friday night if you take into account the Facebook status of one of my hens that I pretended to ignore that revealed the destination!) that I was going to Manchester – yay! An hour later we rocked up to the Palace Hotel and started the celebrations off in style with some prosecco:

Bestie love

Bestie love

It was so lovely to see everyone – I hadn’t seen some of my hens since before I moved to Atlanta so we had a LOT to catch up on! There was my bestie from school, my friends from working in radio, my housemates from university and of course Ma Cook, my aunty (also known as my second mum!) and my sister-in-law.Perfect!

After that the civilised hen do continued with a lovely lunch at an Italian restaurant, again complete with prosecco:



This is looking like a pretty well behaved hen party so far isn’t it? Well, lets say things didn’t quite follow the same theme later on! So, after lunch we all headed back to the hotel to get ready for a night of fun filled hen do action. I still had no idea what was in store for me…

We were told to be ready by a certain time, we walked through Manchester and ended up at another hotel. The girls told us to stay in the reception area whilst they went to organise things. About 10 minutes later they strolled back, giggling, and said ‘Right, we’re ready!’ and off we trotted through the hotel and into what looked like a conference room. We were greeted by a man named Sam who told us to take a seat and we’d get things underway, right about now I was thinking ‘What are we about to do?!’ Now, this is when things moved from a civilised hen do to a hilarious one! After a few minutes Sam got things underway and a man walked into the room looking like this:

hen do 3
I think I nearly wet my pants laughing!! Yes people, we were about to do a nude art class! We were handed sketchbooks and charcoal and given some tips on how to draw life models (I don’t think any of us took the advice on board!) before I was given the task of taking off his towel. Yep, being the bride to be I had to get this man naked! I did what I was told and the drawing commenced, complete with wine of course! It was the funniest art class I’ve ever been in! We drew a series of poses, with the person who had the best drawing choosing the next. My friend Mark then posed with him before it was my turn as the bride to be! So, I did my duty and sat on his knee whilst the others attempted to draw us! It was kind of weird when he was talking to me and I was looking at the German’s face! I had to look away! Ma Cook’s drawings were like stick men (I think she was the worst in the class and eventually gave up!) my bridesmaid Rose and friend Jen drew some amazing pics, mine were questionable! But it was an amazing start to the hen do and so much fun:

hen do 13
Once Jason the model had done his stuff we ate some cake made by Ma Cook and had some more drinky poos (this was a hen do after all!) and then headed to our next destination. I was told to that as the hen I had to wear the mask of the German and fly the flag at all times:

hen do 5
Yes, that is me walking the streets of Manchester with a mask of the German on and a flag in my hand! It had to be done! After walking for about 5 minutes we ended up at…wait for it…The Bierkeller! I’m marrying a German so where else would we go? We went in, took our seats and settled in with a some sort of shot before ordering our steins of cocktails. Yes you did read that right, our steins of cocktails! I think mine was called a Dirty Helga, it went down very well with Ma Cook and the aunty:

hen do 7
Then came the pretzels, the oompah band and the dancing on the benches…for the next few hours!

hen do 11 hen do 12 hen do 14
After drinking for more than 12 hours and dancing until our feet hurt and our heads were a little bit worse for wear we called it a night and headed back to the hotel. One word sums it up…AMAZING! I loved every minute of it, well except for the slightly fuzzy head the following morning! The hotel breakfast soon sorted that out though.

As for the German, he also didn’t know what was in store for him but just before I left the house I received a message with the words ‘it’s started…’ and this picture:

hen do 9
Prisoner Richter was shackled and put on a train to Düsseldorf with his friends (who became his sheriffs looking after him) where he met with my Big Bro, his Big Bro and Pa Cook (who’d got on a plane for the first time in 14 years! The German was honoured!) and had to complete a series of different tasks to get himself out of the chains. If he failed a task the chains got tighter. Obviously a lot of alcohol was involved in all of this. I think he had to do things like get a choir of girls to sing to him, sweep bottle tops off the town hall steps because he wasn’t married before he was 30 and many others that I don’t think any of them can remember! Eventually though it was mission accomplished:

hen do 10
I think he eventually made it back to his hotel at 4am, along with Pa Cook and the Big Bro who definitely did the Brits proud! I don’t think he was feeling very clever the next morning though!

So that’s it, the hen and stag parties are complete, all that’s left to do now is get married again. And that big day, oh blog readers of mine, isn’t too far away at all!


9 thoughts on “Cluck cluck…happy hens!!

  1. So I guess I will be the one to ask the obvious American question. What is a “Hen Do”? I’m assuming it’s like a bachelorette party.

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