Another mysterious mason jar update.

It’s still here.

Whatever it is that is sneaking into our apartment at night and eating our chocolates is still here and still pinching our chocolates. This I do not like.

Last week the German turned the house upside down looking for potential holes (well he told me that, I wasn’t actually here but I did get a couple of pictures where the sofa was in a different place!), the maintenance men came in, also checked for holes and put some bait down in potential hideaway places. The German attempted to film the said intruder but, that night it never showed up. Once the maintenance men had been in the little critter didn’t make an appearance for a couple of days…sorted we thought.

I landed back in Atlanta on Friday, woke up on Saturday morning and saw this:

mason jar 6
Yes, our little friend was back. Just look at those claw prints! How very dare it? The German had left another flour trap near to the heating cupboard after both he and the maintenance men thought that’s where whatever it is could be getting in but that flour wasn’t touched, ruling it out completely.

The following night we left a chocolate out of the jar and by morning it had disappeared again. The next couple of nights it returned so, once again, the German set up his iPad to record it and got up twice in the night to stop and start it again, each time he got up he returned with the words ‘it’s not been,’ blatantly this thing does not like it when you leave a light on! It’s a clever little thing that’s for sure.

So, I made a trip to the leasing office a couple of days ago and talked to them again. Their idea this time – to have the maintenance men put glue traps in the house. Sounds good right? The critter will be captured! But, a glue trap means when it is captured it will be there, looking at me when I get up in the morning. ARGH! I’m not sure I like that idea but at the same time I want this thing out of the house, especially when the German is working away next week and I’m on my own.

Two days later though and the glue traps haven’t showed up, despite me asking nicely for them to do it pretty quickly – would they want a critter stopping by every night?

This morning we got up and yep, you guessed it, the jar had once again been knocked over…the mystery continues.


6 thoughts on “Another mysterious mason jar update.

  1. Why don’t you try using a HavaHart or Trucatch trap to trap him? They are live traps, will not harm your critter, and all you have to do is set it up, and bait it (use the Mason jar of candy!). You might be able to rent or borrow a trap from a local veterinarian, police department, rescue group, or exterminator. Jut google the trap names if you want to see what they look like. We’ve trapped a lot of cats with ours (we do rescue work).

    • We’re going to have to do something soon. We’re currently trying to work out exactly where it’s coming from with flour all around the apartment! Typical though that the critter hasn’t been in the last couple of nights…

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