Happy Mother’s Day!

Don’t worry American readers of mine, you haven’t missed the big day, it’s not happened yet in the States but today is Mother’s Day back in the UK, so here’s a big fat HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to that little lady I call Ma Cook/Minimum/Little One:

Mothers Day 2
This is when life as an expat is a little bit pants. Instead of taking Ma Cook out for Sunday Dinner (a British tradition) or spoiling her with some cheeky afternoon drinking I am 4 thousand miles away, wishing her a Happy Mothers Day via FaceTime. This year I did get the chance to buy her a present in person a couple of weeks ago when I was back in the UK, instead of putting some money in her account and telling her to buy something nice. I also left a card for her to open this morning (along with this blog post, it’s guaranteed to make her cry!) so for once she doesn’t have a pants MoonPig card because I can’t get a Mother’s Day card in the US (no offence MoonPig, you’ve saved my bacon on many an occasion, you just sometimes don’t have the right words) and actually has a shop bought card that I left in the traditional early cards place at home before flying back to Atlanta.

The Little One is missed lots in the Richter house but, thanks to the joys of FaceTime she’s usually popping up on a daily basis, filling me in on the gossip, having a little rant, telling me she misses me, showing me her latest sugarcraft creations or shouting at me for something that I may or may not have done. Even when you’re 4 thousand miles away, your mum can still shout at you…believe me!

So Happy Mother’s Day to the best mum in the world…Ma Cook! Hope you have a lovely day! This won’t make up for me not being there but mum, you’ve got a full blog post dedicated just to you!! Nobody else has had that yet, not even the German!


8 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

    • You’re right, better than nothing. But they really do need to work on their verses inside! My aim with a card every year is to make my mum cry, it’s usually very easy, but it’s pretty tough with Moonpig cards!

  1. I noticed you using ‘pants’ a few times in a context I’m not familiar with…what does that mean in UK terms? 🙂

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