Yet another mysterious mason jar update…

It’s been about a week since I last updated you on our little intruder (well we think he’s little, we still don’t know what it is!) so I thought it was high time you got to know the latest. I’m sure you’re dying to know if he’s still making an appearance, right?

Following my trip to the leasing office and the request of some glue traps (that I was very unsure about, did I really want this creature captured and staring at me the following morning?) guess what the maintenance men did…yep, absolutely nothing. The glue traps never appeared. There was a slight sense of relief until I got home last night, over a week later, to find a box on the kitchen table that looks a little bit like this:



Apparently they’re peanut butter scented. Imagine that! Thankfully though a part is missing so they’re not in action just yet. Phew! I know what you’re all thinking though – is the critter still pinching the chocolates?

Well, after the flour stayed on our fireplace for about a week, we decided it was high time we cleaned it up. So we did and moved the mason jar back to its rightful place on the coffee table. Guess what, yep, it started mysteriously falling over in the middle of the night again. So yes, this thing was STILL making an appearance.

We decided to take matters into our own hands last weekend and set up some new flour traps in an attempt to pinpoint just where the critter was coming from. Cue the flour trap setting German:

mason jar 8
We’d already ruled out the cupboard where the water heater is so opted for the laundry closet and the door to the spare bedroom:

mason jar 9
This scared my big bro a little bit, he’s coming to visit with the sister-in-law this weekend and that’s where they’ll be sleeping. We have to rule out every possibility!

We went to bed on Sunday, the following morning the flour was untouched and the jar still standing. We went to bed on Monday, the following morning the flour was untouched and the jar still standing. I went to bed on Tuesday, the German was working away which left me scared to get up on Wednesday but when I did, you guessed it, the flour was untouched and the jar still standing.

This means our little friend hasn’t made an appearance for 3 nights now. I’d like to think he’s disappeared never to be seen again but I get the feeling he might show up again, probably when we least expect it. I think the critter’s stayed away for a few nights before so we’ll see how long it lasts this time.

Hopefully we won’t have to use those glue traps…


6 thoughts on “Yet another mysterious mason jar update…

  1. Ahh this would seriously drive me crazy not knowing what it is! I am loving these updates though, its like reading a mystery book, hopefully one that will be solved soon 🙂

  2. I wonder if there is any chance you mystery creature is a raccoon. They are really crafty/intelligent, nocturnal, and given the cold winter you guys have had in the south it makes a lot sense for them to seek indoor shelter.

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