(Hopefully) The Final Mysterious Mason Jar Update…

Hey guys! So I’m back from the bright lights of Vegas and just about recovered…well saying that I am so tired today. It was amazing though and I’m slowly starting to sort my way through the hundreds of photographs I took, ready for some serious blogging! The Vegas posts are on their way people.

But first, I thought I’d quickly update you on the mason jar mystery – I know it’s been bugging you and you’re wondering if it’s still stopping by for some goodies…

Good news people – it seems our little friend has found somewhere else to hang out. It seems our chocolates are no good to him anymore and he’s ditched us for someone else. The jar has stayed upright with the same amount of chocolates in for over 2 weeks now, well, apart from when we intentionally knocked it over when my brother was here just to scare him and make him think he’d been in! That’s what little sisters do, right? I’m not sure he believed me though…

Anyway, we thought we’d set a cut off as to when we could officially say our little friend had decided we weren’t worth it anymore – after our trip to Vegas. We came back from the land of bright lights, casinos and wedding chapels and, yep, you guessed it, it was still standing.

So my friends, despite the glue traps that were dropped off and never used and our attempts at trying to work out how our little friend was popping in to say hello with some flour traps that were never touched, it seems he’s left us anyway.

I kind of feel like we’ve been dumped for someone or something better. Maybe our chocolates just weren’t tasty enough for him anymore, maybe somebody else was leaving out something tastier like ribs, steak or even the creme de la creme for squirrels (we kind of guessed that’s what it was) some nuts. Whatever it was it must be better than our chocolates.

The only thing that remains of our little friend is the chocolates in the jar that have little scratches on them where he’s tried his best to claw them out. Obviously they will be going in the bin. I’ll tell you one thing that has come out of it though, I haven’t touched those chocolates for months, mainly because I didn’t know what else was touching them.

I’m thinking he’s left us because the weather has changed and it’s getting warmer. You never know though, he might be back next winter…


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