Exploring: Las Vegas – First Impressions


Exploring Las Vegas
We went, we saw and we conquered Las Vegas and after spending nearly a week recovering I now need to tell you guys all about it, and oh my is there lots to tell – hell, it’s even getting its own blog series! This thing is major.

Now usually, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas but I thought you guys might want to know a little bit about our trip so I’ve decided to ditch that rule and reveal all – well maybe not everything, some things that happened in Vegas WILL be staying there!

I thought I’d start off by talking about my first impressions of Sin City, always a good place to kick things off if you ask me! Now, I’ve always wanted to go to Vegas, the German on the other hand was a little skeptical about the whole thing. I wanted to see the flashing lights, check out the casinos you see in movies, look at all the huge hotels and basically party in the middle of the desert! When we got married in Destin last year, I actually wanted to go to Vegas for the comedy pictures in a little white chapel with Elvis, kind of like in The Hangover but without the rufees! Needless to say the German got his way and we went to Florida instead, looking back I’m kind of glad he did.

Anyway, my brother was going that way so we decided to tag-a-long, the German needed some persuasion but we got there in the end and man was I an excited bunny to be heading to said party capital in the middle of the desert!

After our 4 hour flight from Atlanta (that included some amazing views of the Grand Canyon just before we landed – good work from the German for picking the right seats, he always does his research well!) we picked up a hire car, an essential for our trip to the Grand Canyon the following day, and headed to our hotels on the strip.

You can already see the strip from the plane but I really don’t think anything can prepare you for what you’re about to see as you drive up it, huge hotel after huge hotel, all with a different theme ranging from Egypt to New York to pirate ships to Disney castles to Italy, it’s like a trip around the world in about 10 minutes! We drove up shouting out the different hotels – ‘There’s the Bellagio!,’ ‘It’s the MGM Grand!’ ‘Look at the Mirage!’ We were like little excited kids in a sweet shop!

These were my thoughts as we hit the strip: first of all, this place is mad! Second, who the hell thought to build a party city in the middle of the desert. Third, they did a bloody good job. Fourth, I can’t wait to explore more of it!

And that is exactly what we did, well after getting to our hotels, unpacking, getting changed into something a little more fitting for the Vegas heat and of course, picking up some sort of alcoholic beverage – it would seem you’re not down with the cool kids in Vegas unless you’re sporting an alcoholic beverage as an accessory! My drink of choice was a frozen margarita:


Everybody wants to be down with the cool kids right? Plus, a frozen margarita keeps you cool in the 90 degree temperatures, as you can see the German finds that a beer does the same thing!

So, sit back, relax and prepare yourselves for a deluge of Las Vegas posts, we’re talking everything from my favourite hotels to where to eat and where it all began in Downtown Vegas. Oh, and not forgetting our trip to the Hoover Dam and down Route 66 to the Gran Canyon! Just amazing.


8 thoughts on “Exploring: Las Vegas – First Impressions

  1. Wait — I love that you are a Brit & German living in the States! Most of the expat blogs I read are Americans living abroad, so I’m really excited to mix that up a bit with your blog. 🙂 Can’t wait to read more! Lovely finding you through the Travel Tuesday linkup! xx

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