Exploring: Virginia Highlands Summerfest 2014.

Once springtime hits Atlanta there’s a festival happening just about every weekend in some place or another, whether it’s a beer festival, an arts and crafts festival, a music festival or any other theme you can imagine, you can literally visit one every weekend and they’re always guaranteed to be worth it. Remember that trip we did to the Dogwood Festival with the huge turkey leg?

This weekend, after recovering from our wedding hangovers, we ventured here:

Summerfest 1

The Virginia Highlands Summerfest 2014. Virginia Highlands is a really nice neighborhood near Midtown and Piedmont Park, it has some quirky shops, nice restaurants and cute parks to chill out in, personally I like going there anyway, never mind when there’s a festival in town!

So off we trotted, it took us a little while to find a parking space but our luck was in and we grabbed one right next to the main street where the festival was taking place – result! These festivals all seem to run along the same theme – lots of little booths with different artists and companies selling there wares along with those all important beer and food stalls – my favourite!

Yesterday was hot. So hot that even strolling down the street at a leisurely pace turned me a little sweaty! I think the fact that I had my hair down didn’t help – it’s blummin hot under that mop! Anyway, we took in the stalls, the German gravitating to the booths selling photos and prints (he’s a secret photography lover, I’m often a camera widow when we go exploring!), I was very interested in the jewellery and craft stalls, finding lots of pretty things I wanted to buy:

Summerfest 2
The booths also provided a welcome break from the hot sun! The majority of the action was on Virginia Avenue – a huge street in the center of the Highlands with live music in a couple of places along the street. These festivals are a great place to meet friends, have a few drinks, do some exploring and chill out for a couple of hours at the weekend.

Then there are the food and drink stalls. In summer, lemonade is king in America and not just any lemonade, we’re talking freshly squeezed very refreshing lemonade that they literally squeeze right in front of you with a very clever contraption that squashes the lemon in seconds! And let me tell you it is super tasty stuff! There’s also the option to add a shot of liquor like vodka but, after partying the night away at a wedding alcohol wasn’t really our friend yesterday afternoon so we opted for the plain version!

Summerfest 3
We then moved onto a snack. If you ask me you can’t come to any of these places without trying something tasty! There was everything you can think of from food trucks selling meatballs and fish and chips (Yay!) to blooming onions, falafel, thai food and of course BBQ. We also can’t forget the stall I got a little bit excited about – the Meat Pies stall! There was a Union Jack on it and everything and it sold sausage rolls! It’s been so long since I had a proper sausage roll but after spotting one coming out of the oven I changed my decision to have one, knowing that despite how much someone tries it just won’t be the same as back home and I’d probably be a little disappointed (I’m sure they were very tasty but this British palate is very particular when it comes to traditional British scran!) and instead we went for all American and got a pulled pork BBQ sandwich and it was delicious!

Summerfest 4
So there you have it – our first festival of the year. I’m sure we’ll be heading to many more before the summer is up, who wouldn’t want to rock up for some lemonade and tasty treats along with of course the cute stalls and sunshine with friends? Have you been to any festivals this year? What did you think of them?


3 thoughts on “Exploring: Virginia Highlands Summerfest 2014.

  1. Super cool, I’ll have to check out the festivals next time I’m in town! Last time I went to Virginia Highland was late afternoon and everything was closing but I absolutely loved it!

    • If you’re around for festival time you must check them out – they’re fab and so much fun! I love Virginia Highlands, I’d love to live there – if only we could afford one of those amazing houses there…!

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