Exploring: Las Vegas – Fremont Street

Exploring Las Vegas

If you’re heading to Vegas make sure you go off strip and take a trip to Fremont Street. This place is the second most famous street in Las Vegas, following The Strip, is where some of the first casinos were opened up and is home to some of the city’s most famous casinos including The Golden Nugget, Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, Binions Horseshoe and the Pioneer Club.

This place was definitely on my list when we decided to head to Sin City – I wanted to see the old Vegas, the spot where the neon lights were first made famous, and obviously to get the full effect you need to go in the evening, so, after a trip up the Stratosphere Tower we jumped in a cab and went to Fremont Street.


Fremont Street holds a lot of firsts for Las Vegas – the city’s first hotel was here, the first telephone, the first paved street, the first Nevada gaming licence was issued to the Northern Club, the first traffic light, the first elevator and the first high-rise so it definitely holds a lot of history for the city. The Golden Nugget was the first building designed from the ground up to be a casino – this was where the gaming industry was at back in the day before everyone migrated to The Strip.

By 1992 80 per cent of the Las Vegas gaming community was on The Strip and Fremont Street needed something new to keep people heading to downtown Las Vegas, so it was decided that the Fremont Street Experience would be built. It turned the road into a pedestrianized area with a huge canopy over the top that houses a light show along with live music and concerts.

Fremont 1
We arrived just as a light show was starting and it’s pretty amazing. The canopy is 90 ft high and around 1,500 ft long so it’s very impressive! It can be kind of dangerous though when you’re walking and looking at the ceiling instead of in front of you – I think I had a couple of near misses with other fellow explorers!

As well as the light display above your head there’s the light display from the many casinos still open on Fremont Street, checking them out is a trip in itself. The lights are still based on the originals and have an era of old Las Vegas about them, unlike the modern signs adorning The Strip. Check out some of these pictures I took to see what I mean:

Fremont 2

Fremont 3

This place has a classic Vegas feel, it’s definitely worth heading up to check it out, we only had a flying visit as we were pushed for time but I’m glad we got to experience it. I would have loved to have gone to The Neon Museum too – it’s basically a graveyard for all the old neon signs that have adorned the streets of Las Vegas over the years, but sadly we just didn’t have the time. Maybe on our next trip…

Have you been to Fremont Street? What was your experience of it?


15 thoughts on “Exploring: Las Vegas – Fremont Street

  1. I have never been to Las Vegas! But hoping to head there for a friend’s 30th in a few years! That canopy is beautiful! 🙂 I’m guessing the light show isn’t on during the day? or is LV not really full of entertainment during the day haha?

    • The light show doesn’t start until after dark, usually 8 or 9 pm and happens at the top of the hour until i believe 1 or 2 am depending if it is a weekday or weekend. There is always something going on downtown day or night, but Fremont Street becomes a whole different world once the lights come on. Live music, street performers, zip lines just to name a few. Ask any las vegas local and they will more than likely tell you that they prefer downtown over the strip.

    • Yay to your trip to Vegas! You’ll love it – it’s just mad! There’s always something happening in Vegas, no matter what time of day it is, whether it’s a pool party, exploring the hotels, lounging by the pool, museums, hanging out in bars – literally always something happening! I think the place never sleeps! And you’re right, the light show isn’t on during the day, I can’t tell you what Fremont Street is like during the day as I haven’t been but I’m guessing it’s best to go in the evening! Enjoy your trip!

  2. I went to Vegas about 5 years ago but unfortunately was a bit ill in the few days that I was there so didn’t get to see this part of it at night time (only in the day) but so many people have said how great it is and lively at night and I’d love to go back and check it out myself – the pictures are just so vibrant!

    • Ah, I’m sorry you were ill in Vegas, I’m sure it’s not the best place for ill people. But if you do make it back you have to go to Fremont Street, it’s definitely worth the trip off the strip!

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