Today’s Ramblings #17

It’s been a very long time since I last did some rambling so here goes…

Ramblings Intro
10k incoming…argh!!! Remember I told you I had that amazing idea to sign up for the Peachtree Road Race and run 10k? Well it’s fast approaching, in fact I think it’s in about 3 weeks and do you want to know how much training I’ve done? Zero. Yep, you heard that right, so far my training schedule has included nothing. Well actually I lie, I did 2 tiny runs last week and when I say tiny they didn’t pass the 20 minute mark and were nowhere near a 10k. I blame the mad month of May and the wedding, an excuse that’s getting used for a lot of things at the moment and that technically can’t be used for much longer so for this I’m gonna go with it! Back to the run…my dreams of finishing this thing with a good time are not looking good at all – last week’s attempts at a run (I say a run it was more like a shuffle) were not very good, it was hot and humid and I was done after 20 minutes. In fact the second run saw me giving up and turning it into a walk half way back to the car – I blame the fact there was nobody there to push me for that, I can easily give in if there’s nobody kicking my ass. I did take this selfie mid-run though just to prove that I did go out and attempt a run…

All the idea!

All the gear…no idea!

And just to scare me even more the participant instructions have just dropped into my inbox…argh! There’s one line about deferring your entry and giving your number back until next year…very tempting indeed.

Whilst shopping in HomeGoods the other day I spotted something I’m sure nobody would want in their house but was happily for sale in there. I’m thinking it will go straight into the sale, it was pretty scary, not exactly modern and contemporary and not the smallest object to fit in your home (American homes are all huge though so that probably wouldn’t be a problem) but seriously who would want this in their house…?

Ramblings 16
I bet you weren’t expecting that one? Yes, this big beauty is available to  purchase for a mere $800 and would look lovely in any home…not. Why the hell would you buy this? What would it bring to your home apart from a heart attack everyday when you nearly bump into it or think it’s a real person. Why? Just why? I did mention to Pa Cook that we thought it looked a little like him, we were met with the words ‘cheeky chuffs, you’re being taken out of my will.’ I think I revoked the comment after that.

And I was shopping at the Dekalb Farmers Market the other day when I found the most interesting name for a potato…

Ramblings 17
Yes you read that right, in Idaho they grow stripper potatoes! It definitely made me chuckle when I strolled past it and I just had to share it with you. Hope it put a smile on your face too!

That’s enough rambling for now, until next time!


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