Today’s Ramblings #18

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As much as working from home is brilliant, no rules to live by, sitting on the comfort of your own sofa for lunch and bobbing down to the pool to catch some rays as often as you’d like it’s also very counterproductive. There are distractions everywhere, from giving people back home a quick call (that obviously turns into nearly an hour) to watching some trash tv I recorded the night before and generally just staring out of the window. So, in an effort to get something done with my day and get away from the distractions of the sofa, the pool, the tv and anything else I can make an excuse from at home, I’ve taken my laptop on a little trip and I’m writing this from a Panera Bread store. I feel like I’ve joined the American masses, everyone seems to do it over here, the only problem is finding a plug socket near to a table for lack of power fails. I’m feeling pretty American right now, I’m not going to lie! Although I have an aging laptop and not a flashy MacBook like most of the other people around here. I’ll keep you updated on whether it does make me more productive or not. If it does the German might not be so happy…it will cost him more money in food and coffee if places like Starbucks become my office!

Remember the scary guy from HomeGoods in my last rambling post? Well, I bobbed into the store again the other day to try to find some bits and bobs for the hutch and they’ve outdone themselves again! Check out what I spotted this time…

Yep, a good old British telephone box! It made me feel a little at home but seriously, who would want this in their home and once again where would they put it? I’m a Brit and I wouldn’t want it, even if I had the biggest house on the block. It costs a mere $1999 if you were wondering and fancy purchasing one for your home! I think I’ll pass this time…

Now, I know American’s like to be prepared, but after my recent trip to Hobby Lobby I didn’t think they wanted to be THAT prepared. So, here’s what happened, I walked into the store and spotted the 4th of July decorations, very acceptable seen as though that’s next week (and I have that dreaded 10k to run that I still haven’t done any training for, the run I was planning this morning was successfully avoided thanks to Ma Cook giving me a call!) then, I was slightly shocked when I spotted these…

Ramblings 18
Thanksgiving and fall decorations. I mean, we haven’t even had summer yet. But then things got much, much worse. I walked around the corner and was confronted with this…

Ramblings 19
Christmas decorations, rows and rows and rows of them! Not just the odd thing here and there but aisles of the stuff with everything from trees to baubles, to ribbon, to wreaths, you name it, it was there, in June, 6 months before the big day and 5 months before anyone would even think about putting their tree up. Why oh why do they need to be in the store so early? I understand that crafty people have to be organised and make things well ahead of time but they don’t make baubles and tree decorations. The world is most definitely going mad!

Well, I already feel pretty productive, maybe this working from a Panera Bread or Starbucks thing might actually work…


10 thoughts on “Today’s Ramblings #18

  1. I like the Halloween reminders in the store, because that’s my wife’s birthday – she’s a Halloween baby 🙂
    But Xmas decoration now? Come on!! I just finished my last chocolate Easter Bunny the other day…

    • Exactly! I still have Christmas chocolate from last year! Just too early! Nice that you have a huge reminder for your wife’s birthday though…I have a German Bierfest to remind me of the German’s birthday – it always takes place in Atlanta near to or on his birthday! Perfect for him!

  2. Haha, I tried working from home for a week and it was a complete and utter fail. Props to you for being able to do it everyday! I also count Panera as my mothership for when I have to study or get stuff done! If you look for the brown boxes on the wall near Panera’s in-house computer station, there’s always a sneaky outlet hiding next to it.

    Good luck!

    • It’s definitely tough, I really ned some more determination to do it, I’m easily distracted! I think I’ll be heading to Panera again today to try and get something done! Thanks for the outlet tips!

  3. There’s a house in these parts, well in the richer suburbs that has a British phone box (not sure if it’s an original or a remake) in their front garden by their drive. It’s a little odd seeing it there randomly.

    Urgh not feeling the need for the Christmas decorations just yet!

  4. I’d be happy to put that telephone box in my house if I have enough space for it.. oh wait, I can put it outside, like it’s an actual public phone.. but not out in the street. The price though.. maybe I’ll just look for its tinier version. 🙂
    And the Christmas decors..? give me a break! hahaha

    • British telephone boxes are cool (I would say that, being British and all!) but it definitely wouldn’t fit in my apartment! Like you say though, maybe outside! I’m with you on the Christmas decor…it’s July!!

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