Life is Good. {June in Review}

Wowzers, it’s July already. July! Where does the time go? It doesn’t seem 2 minutes since I was writing my post reviewing the month of May and now I’m writing about June. Time is passing so quickly, blink and you miss it! So, to help me keep track of what actually did happen in June, both big and small, I’m linking up with Belinda over at Found Love, Now What to give you a little rundown of my month, and, once again, it seems a lot of things happened!


I went to my first ever baby shower. These things are only just starting to happen back in the UK –  the mum-to-be is Scottish so her words were ‘having a baby in America is amazing if this is what you get!’

I know I’m late on this one but I watched The Notebook for the first time and yes I was in floods of tears, I’m talking literally streaming down my face.

I loved having Skype dates with my best friends back home this month and reminiscing about the wedding.

We went to our first American wedding and watched our friends Mandy and Carson tie the knot in a beautiful ceremony. Those two are made for each other, it was a fabulous day and the bride looked stunning!

June Review 3

Festival season is upon us in Atlanta, we ventured out to the Virginia Highlands Summerfest 2014. You can read all about it here.

Flights have been booked to Indianapolis and the UK.

I made a new discovery that I’m now addicted to – Passion Tango Iced Tea Lemonade at Starbucks. The Blackberry Mojito one is good too.

My birthday came around and as a present, the German took me to New Orleans. I am definitely a lucky lady! Lots of blog posts to come on that one.

June Review 2

I missed the first birthday of my best friends beautiful baby Lily. This is when expat life is rubbish because you’re not at home to celebrate with friends and family. I did get lots of pictures though (which made me cry) and I Skyped the birthday girl on her big day!

Our niece Christina arrived from Germany with her friend Nina. They went on a road trip around Florida before coming back to stay with us for a few days. I love having people over to visit and showing them where we live.

The German jetted off back to Germany for a week 😦 but this did mean I got to watch whatever trash tv I wanted! Gossip Girl marathons were pretty common.

I met another fellow Brit who’s taking on Atlanta all thanks to this little piece of the internet that I call mine.

The World Cup kicked off, England managed their worst ever performance so I took to supporting the USA and Germany.

June Review 1

We bought a beautiful new wine rack for our living room – an antique store find! I love scouting out gems like this in those stores.

We feasted on cheese and pork pie, a proper English delicacy that we found in a British store in Marietta. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t as good as the real thing back home but it was pretty close!

And the last day of the month was spent watching Germany in action in the World Cup – it was a pretty tense game but thankfully they made it through and I had a happy German!


It’s been another good month in the Richter household and with a trip to Florida, the World Cup Final and a trip back to the UK, July is looking pretty good too! Make sure you head on over to see Belinda and show her some love!


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