Life is Good. {July in Review}

Life is Good...

So I seem to have taken a little, unplanned blogging holiday this past week or so, but, never fear people, because that is now over and I am back! Once again it’s been another hectic month in the life of this expat (there’s a surprise!) so, in an effort to remember everything I did in July, I thought I’d link up with Belinda again over at Found Love, Now What and tell you the reasons why July was just so good!

Life Is Good… {July in Review}

We took on the Peachtree Road Race and won! It was our first ever 10k, it was hot and humid and it was tough but we did it!

Then we spent the rest of 4th July on a houseboat on Lake Lanier with our friends and their parents – pure bliss!

July Review 1

The Peachtree Gang / We did it! / Chilling on the boat

Our niece came to stay from Germany and we went shopping, had burgers and of course we took them to our favourite BBQ joint – when in America and all that!

We also headed to Turner Field and introduced them to the delights of baseball at a Braves game.

Then came the semi-final of the World Cup when Germany took on Brazil. I was extremely nervous, if this all went wrong instead of just 1 sad and miserable German I would have 3 to contend with…but thankfully those German’s did us very proud indeed and goal after goal went into the back of the net – final score Germany 7, Brazil 1 and Rachel had 3 very, very, very happy and ecstatic Germans on her hands…few!

July Review 2

BBQ / 3 Very Happy Germans / Indoor Picnic

I’m trying to get more of my writing out there and published, hopefully picking up more work along the way. This month saw my first article for the Internations Expat Magazine published. It’s entitled ‘A Lifetime of Firsts’ and you can check it out by clicking here. I’m hoping to write a few more for them in the future so I’ll keep you posted on that one. Woooo!

We attempted to meet up with one of our British friends at Stone Mountain to watch a laser show but, it would appear 2 Brits together means a lot of rain! The past couple of time’s I’ve seen her it’s rained, this time we didn’t even make it out of the house and had to have our picnic inside!

I had a lovely dinner with my friend in Roswell, followed by a couple of relaxing drinks on the lawn of one of my favourite bars. I also managed to spectacularly flick a shrimp tail so high that it hit my shoulder, and my arm twice before landing in my lap. It could never be repeated!

Then came the pinnacle of the month for the German – the World Cup Final. We watched it at the German Cultural Center where I volunteer and, thankfully, Germany only went and won it!! You can imagine how happy my German was…and how pleased I was! He was so confident before the game that if they lost, that fall down to earth and disappointment would have been ten times worse!

July Review 3

Cheering His Team On / 4 Stars / Very Happy German

We went to The Vortex for a burger afterwards…pure heaven. One day I will write a blog post on that place!

I picked up some more paid work this month – yay! My temporary lady of leisure status is slowly fading but the German is a very happy man.

We went to our first Alive After 5 event in Roswell and stumbled across Santa Claus…in July!

July Review 4

Saaantaaaaa! (Said like Buddy the Elf)

The German and I attempted to make home-made pizza. It worked but needed some improvements – he’s working on them whilst I’m away, I’ll keep you updated.

A rainy Sunday saw us head to our local bowling alley for our first game of ten-pin bowling in America. Afterwards we headed to a Mexican restaurant where the local Mexican’s go – it was delicious!

We spent a weekend visiting my aunt and uncle at St. Pete Beach in Florida – a blog post will be heading your way on that one very soon indeed.

July Review 5

St. Pete Beach / Bye-bye Atlanta / NYC from 35,000 ft.

And the month ended with me jumping on a plane back to England for a couple of very special reasons indeed – all will be revealed next month!


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