Exploring: St Pete Beach, FL

Is exactly what the German and I had a couple of weeks ago before I headed back to the UK for a couple of weeks and it was bliss!

My aunty and uncle were flying out to Florida and staying in an apartment there so they suggested that we jumped in our car and drove down to stay with them for the weekend as they wouldn’t be able to make it to Atlanta this year. Do you really think we were going to say no? Erm…I don’t think so!

So, we did exactly that:

Road Trip!

Road Trip!

Early on Friday morning, we hopped in the car and started the 7 hour drive to St. Pete Beach on the gulf coast of Florida. Now, back in the day when we lived in the UK, driving 7 hours for a weekend away would have been deemed ridiculous but in America-land this is normal.

At just after 7am we were on the road, and, after a quick stop for some brunch, by 4pm we had arrived here:

Beautiful, right? You can’t go wrong with white sand, clear water and blue skies! We are so lucky to have this, in American terms, on our doorstep. Spending a weekend in Florida is something I could only dream of a few years ago, I could only dream of flying to America on holiday, and now, here I am, having a weekend break in the Sunshine State. One very lucky lady indeed.

Back to the story, we jumped out of the carsaid a big fat excited hello to my aunty and uncle who we hadn’t seen since the wedding and literally within minutes we were changed and by the pool – you get pretty hot and sweaty in the German’s car and we were in serious need of a cool down! After a few hours chilling out and catching up, we went back to the apartment, got changed and went out for dinner where we stuffed ourselves with some amazing seafood (when at the beach!) before having a stroll to a local home-made ice cream parlour – just delicious!

The following morning we got up, had breakfast and drove to Fort Desoto in search of some dolphins and, after never seeing a dolphin in real life before, the German and I ticked something else off our bucket list and spotted some! Just amazing!

St Pete 1

The Dolphin Hunters / Spotted One! / Happy Dolphin Spotters

Sadly, we didn’t spot a manatee – hopefully next time!

The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent relaxing on the beach, perfect right? We spent Saturday on Fort Desoto beach and Sunday at St Pete Beach just across the road from the apartment. The German and I went for a walk along the beach and spotted some baby birds and turtle nests, we drank a couple of beers, caught some sunshine and had a few dips in the sea – amazing.

St Pete 2

Fort Desoto Beach / Beach Fun / St Pete Beach

Then there was the food. We were on the gulf coast where there is some amazing seafood so, obviously, that was just about all we ate, well, apart from the very tasty Italian we had in St Petersburg! We tucked into snapper, tuna, salmon and grouper and everything was just delicious!

St Pete 3
But sadly, Monday morning came around and we had to say our goodbyes once again (the part I hate the most about being an expat) and head back to the ATL. Sad, sad, sad times. Driving 7 hours for a weekend at the beach was definitely worth it though. We got to spend some time with my aunty and uncle, even if it is just for a couple of days, when you live so far away just a couple of days makes all the difference. Thanks for a great weekend Team Lodge! We had an amazing time!

Before I go though, I can’t forget to show you the stunning sunset we managed to catch a glimpse of in St Petersburg:

And that is just one of the many reasons why I will be heading to Florida once again very soon!


7 thoughts on “Exploring: St Pete Beach, FL

  1. I lived in Pensacola for years, and my grandparents had a condo on Honeymoon Island near St Pete. There’s nothing like those white sand beaches, is there? 🙂

    Great photos, and great memories for me!

  2. I loved your comment on distances. When visiting a boyfriend, who was on work exchange in Germany, we decided to take a three hour drive to Luxembourg, because why not? Every time I told this story to one of his coworkers, their first question was, “but why? It is so far.” All I could do at the time was smile.

  3. Good times apparently. I love Panama City Beach which is probably close by and I’ve never seen whiter sand or more clear blue green water. Have you checked out Savannah yet? The near by beach at Tybee Island admittedly is ok but not as nice as Florida’s. However the city it’s self is one probably Georgia’s most underrated gems. Many Georgians actually don’t realize how much beauty and history there is there. I remember how you said you missed being able to walk to the neighborhood pub. Well Savannah is a place where you can live in a beautiful historical home in a gorgeous neighborhood and easily walk to several nice pubs, restaurants, and parks. (Or stay at a bed and breakfast and pretend it’s your home. :)). Actually it’s not much of a secret Gem really because it’s pretty popular with tourist who lend to the nightlife there as well.

    • Great times! We haven’t been to Panama City Beach but we have ventured to Destin a couple of times which is close by – I prefer the white sand of Destin to that of St Pete Beach any day! Savannah is actually happening this weekend so I’ll update you on that soon! Tybee Island is on the list of things to do! I’m really excited to check it out, like you say, there’s a lot of history there and we can actually walk around!

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