Life Is Good. {August in Review}

Life is Good...
It’s that time of the month again where I link up with the lovely Belinda over at Found Love, Now What (go check out her fab blog…once you’ve read this post of course!) to celebrate everything good that happened in August both big and small. LIfe is so busy that we sometimes forget the little things that were just bloody awesome. August was a pretty packed month for this expat meaning I have loads of great things to tell you about! Here goes…

Life is Good. {August in Review}

The first day of August saw me waking up back in England a little jet lagged but happy to be home and excited to catch up with friends and family who I haven’t seen since the wedding back in May.

The first weekend in August I hung out with Ma Cook and did a spot of shopping, went out for dinner with her and Pa Cook and, more importantly (sorry parentals!) became a godmother to the beautiful Lily:

August is Good 1
The next few days were filled with lunches and dinners and meet ups with friends, I managed to stuff my face with plenty of British treats including steak and ale pie and fish and chips, I also indulged in a couple of curries and came back to the States a few pounds heavier!

I spent a lovely day at the beach with my new god-daughter Lily, her mum, my oldest and most special friend Clare, Clare’s mum and Ma Cook. Being the UK it wasn’t too warm but it was a perfect day for making sand castles and paddling in the sea at Bridlington:

August is good 2
Lily, Clare and I also spent some time at the farm, anyone who knows me will realise that this is a major achievement as I am not an animal person – it’s safe to say I didn’t touch any of them though despite Clare trying to encourage me to – I left that to her and Lily!

I spent a night with my brother and sister-in-law (and the parentals) in Cheltenham before heading to Worcester for christening number 2 where I spent time with my friends from university Taff and Forkie (we missed you Bam!) and became a godmother again, this time to the beautiful Bridget:

August is good 3
Then it was time for my to fly home and back to the German, who was a good un and got me some lovely flowers to welcome me home.

The first day I was back home, the German took my car key to work, meaning I was stuck in the house…great.

The second day I was back home I had to wait for the cable guy who had a window of 8am-12pm. He arrived at 12:20pm with no apology, I wasn’t impressed. By this point I was desperate to get out of the house but when I jumped into my car it wouldn’t start. Great. So, I spent the afternoon by the pool before taking Mindy (that’s my car, we all name our cars right?) for a new battery.

That weekend we headed to Indianapolis to see our friends Balti and Jasmin. We went to the Indianapolis State Fair (expect a blog post on that beast!), caught a pre-season Indianapolis Colts football game and checked out the city:

August is good 4
I had lunch with my British friend Gillian and her new baby Maia – we went to a British pub and talked about how we don’t search out British food and have adjusted to American life – we couldn’t have said it in a better place!

Then came the German’s birthday trip to Savannah – we checked out the beautiful historic city, ticked off 3 of the 4 places in America where you can drink on the streets and celebrated the German adding another year to his life. You can read more about that little trip by clicking here.

August is good 5
I attempted to head back to the gym this month…something which left me in a little bit of pain, baring in mind I haven’t properly exercised since before the wedding in May!

The German bought himself a new bike whilst I was away too meaning we can now go out on bike rides together (I get to use his old bike), this however, resulted in me being saddle sore…ouch. We have ventured out again though and I’m pleased to report the problem is getting better!

The month ended with another long weekend thanks to the Labor Day holiday where we stayed at home for a change! It was much-needed after weeks away! We chilled out, went on a bike ride, laid by the pool and made our own pizzas!

August is good 6
So there you have it – August was once again a blast for this expat. It was so good to head home and spend some time with my family and friends, become a godmother twice over (I’m one lucky lady!) and do some more exploring. Life really is good!


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