I cried at a Christmas advert.

Yes people, you read that right.

My name is Rachel and I cried at a Christmas advert, or two, or maybe even three.

There. I said it. I confess. But, let me just show you which advert actually made me cry and you tell me whether or not this thing made you tear up:

No, just me. Oh dear.

You see, I might have mentioned this one before, I bloody love Christmas! Christmas is the BEST time of the year. It’s magical, Santa comes down the chimney (hopefully he’ll realize I’ll be in England this year), you can watch Elf and Home Alone endless times without feeling bad, Christmas trees are everywhere and, back in the UK, Christmas adverts appear on the TV.

I remember writing a post about this last year, (click here to read more), and this year, things are just the same. Adverts in America just don’t cut it as well as the British ones do when it comes to the Holidays!

So, back to me crying at a Christmas ad. So, I didn’t just cry a couple of tears, I was practically in floods of them. The German looked at me with a strange, puzzled look on his face before saying ‘It’s just an advert! Do you want a coffee?’ You’ve got to love his care and compassion for his wife there!

I cried at this one too:

Bad I know. Why on earth am I confessing this to you people?!

Here is my reasoning for crying. I love Christmas, it’s a time for family and friends to get together, eat too much, drink too much, wear bad jumpers and generally have a bloody good time. Watching these ads makes me think of Christmas back in England with my friends and family and I can’t bloody wait! This girl is so excited, the German had better brace himself for that 9 hour flight back to Blighty…he’s probably not going to get much sleep with his excited wife sitting next to him, unable to sit still and prodding him constantly!

And then this one got thrown in the mix from British supermarket, Sainsbury’s:

I was in pieces. The mix of British and German, those thousands of soldiers who lost their lives during World War I and every other war that has followed for us, the sacrifices they made should never be forgotten. Imagine what it must have been like to be in those trenches and away from your family. Heartbreaking.

These adverts remind me just how far away from my family I am, especially the one where all the family gets together. They bring it home a little that I am 4,000 miles away and I can’t just bob round for a coffee anymore. Being an expat is often pretty tough. I think it’s turned me into an emotional wreck sometimes. Hence the crying at the adverts. I’m un-controllable. I can cry at the smallest of things and have tears streaming down my face. Oh dear.

And that people, was my explanation as to why I cry at Christmas adverts. Stupid expat.


8 thoughts on “I cried at a Christmas advert.

  1. Don’t feel bad about it – I also have a teary reaction to these ads and British Christmas ads are the best ones I’ve seen to arouse such emotions :))
    I love European Christmas and its many faces – British, German/Austrian/Swiss, now waiting to see what Czech will be like. But what is hard for me as an expat is that when I was growing up I got used to have this Christmas feeling for the New Years – I guess, most post-USSR countries share this tradition. It was probably planned years ago to make New Year bigger and more festive than Christmas to replace it in a non-religious country. But no matter why and how it was done the consequences remain – the New Years is celebrated much heartily and festively in my home country than anywhere I’ve been to, so it’s always a bit strange for me.

    • I’m glad it’s not only me that gets emotional at these things! I have to admit, the Brits do rock when it comes to Christmas adverts! I’m so excited to get home and see all the lights and Christmas decorations in the towns and cities – it makes things that little bit more christmassy and magical!

  2. I make sure we always celebrate Christmas, English style here in America. We just do it so well! UK xmas specials, the adverts, the crackers, tin of Roses or Quality street etc. Only thing missing is my Mum 😦

    • Sounds like you have Christmas over here planned so well! How do you get the tin of Roses though? That would be the big thing missing from my Christmas if we stayed over here – my family. I think holidays are when you miss your family the most.

  3. Yup. I have to admit, you all do way better Christmas adverts than we do over here. Made me cry, too. And, not only that, I see you all still do the Christmas Coke adverts with those wonderful trucks! I’m sorry they don’t do them here any more. I had the wonderful luck of seeing one of those amazing trucks one year just before Christmas, pulled up in front of my local grocery store!

    • Yep, we still have the Coke adverts with the trucks! Wouldn’t be Christmas without that one – that advert signals the start of the Christmas season! There’s a huge amount of Facebook updates once people have seen the Coke trucks! They even do a Coke truck tour of towns and cities in the run up to Christmas!

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