It’s Turkey Day – Happy Thanksgiving!


And that is my view right now.

Turkey day is here which can only mean a morning of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! This has pretty much become a Thanksgiving day tradition in the Richter household, well, it’s our second Thanksgiving in the states and this is how we’ve spent both of them, on the sofa, in our comfy pants watching the parade! The German is also doing is homework ahead of Black Friday tomorrow – that guy loves a bargain!

Obviously, that’s not the only thing Thanksgiving is all about. It’s about giving thanks, spending time with family and friends and generally eating a little bit too much. A little bit like a pre-Christmas celebration! Earlier this month we were invited to our friend Carson’s family dinner for a second year – those guys are just so nice! Later, we’re going to see our Scottish friends (who we met through this little piece of cyberspace that I call my blog – yay!) to celebrate with other expats and some Americans of course, one of which is our friend’s daughter who was born earlier this year – so cute!

So there you have it, these 2 expats have fully embraced the American holiday of Thanksgiving – it would be rude not to! Happy Thanksgiving Y’all! Hope you’re having a fabulous day and you’re celebrating in style!


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