I bloody love Christmas.

I am officially feeling full on festive! The Christmas songs have been on and the house has turned into a winter wonderland! Christmas is my favorite time of the year. It means Christmas decorations, Glühwein, family and food – things just could not get any better than that. My excitement levels go off the scale once Thanksgiving is over and it’s time to get a Christmas tree and that is exactly what happened this weekend.

Saturday came around and it was time for the now traditional trip with our friends Mandy and Carson to pick out our Christmas trees. So off we went to Braselton and to Cooper’s Christmas Tree Farm to kick start the festive season.

Christmas 3

We strolled around the trees before coming across, what we thought was the perfect tree. The German used his expert measuring skills and decided it would fit in our apartment:



So, we pulled it to the trimming area, paid for our new, beautiful Christmas tree and got it wrapped, ready for the trip home. We also got to do something I’ve always wanted to do – take the Christmas tree home tied to the roof of the car. It’s the simple things in life!


We got the tree home and it literally just fitted in the apartment – there’s 3 inches between the top of it and the ceiling! It seems we got a little it carried away with our Christmas tree excitement and under estimated the size of the tree! When we started to cut the string off from the tree it’s true size was revealed and it is huge! We ended up having to take an end table out of the living room just to fit it into the corner. This thing is definitely bigger than the one we had last year. Go big or go home!

Then came the decorating. Now, we’re the type of people who puts the lights on first, however, we made it half way up the tree before running out of lights. Cue a quick dash to the store to stock up on 200 more lights and extra ornaments – if more lights were needed, we were definitely going to need more baubles. Once back, we put the extra lights on and still needed more! Thankfully I had a small string of lights I use on the fireplace which fit perfectly. Finally, the tree was full of lights! Between the lights and the finished product there was a disaster in the shape of a broken bauble (and a very sad expression on this little expats face) but I think it looks pretty darn special.


I am loving the new ornaments we bought and the fact that the tree is the biggest we have ever had:

Christmas 1

Next up was the fireplace, created with the scraps from the bottom of the Christmas tree, some cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby, some pine cones and a string of lights. This year we have new monogrammed stockings from Target (remember how I love to shop in that place, and get sucked in) and I love them. We also added the garland, again a great find in Target!


And finally, came the advent candles. I’ve had this since we lived back in the UK, obviously the candles are replaced every year. As this weekend marked the first Sunday in advent, we lit the first candle. Another will follow next week, the week after and the week before Christmas.


The Richter house is now officially ready for the festive season and I have a permanent Christmas is coming smile on my face. We finished our Christmas decorating in true German style with some Glühwein and stollen in our Münster Weihnachtsmarkt mugs, let’s face it, it would have been rude not to, especially as we’re missing out on the Christmas markets in Germany this year (cue very sad expat face:-(). It was the perfect end to a very Christmassy day. To me, Christmas is just magical. I love the Christmas season so much, it’s unbelievable! I can’t stop looking at the huge tree, cracking out a smile and saying ‘I bloody love Christmas!’

It also means the countdown is now on to our trip back home for Christmas – our flight leaves in just over 2 weeks, bring on the festivities!


10 thoughts on “I bloody love Christmas.

  1. I miss having a real tree but the OH is allergic to them sadly. Driving back from Pittsburgh on Sunday saw so, so many cars with them clinging to car roof tops on the turnpike it was funny! I love your advent candles. I got around to decorating our house yesterday, we’re still pretty short on having enough decorations to fill a house but i’m looking forward to adding to it over the next couple of years!

    • I only started having a real tree when I met the German and I can’t imagine not having one now. I love the smell and think it looks so cute, but, if he had an allergy I’d have to revert to a fake one. 😦 The tree on a car thing is something you would only see in America, I remember stuffing one into tieback of our Peugeot 207 back in the UK! Wouldn’t dream of doing that here and I have a bigger car! The candles are the German influence in the house, I think they’re pretty cute though! I can only imagine what it must be like to suddenly have a huge house to fill – hoping that will be us next year!

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