Wow, what a year!

I’m back! How was your holiday season guys? Mine was jam packed, hence the absence from this little blogging space of mine! It involved trips to England and Germany and lots of catch ups with family and friends. Despite all my good intentions to give you some updates I just couldn’t find the time. I also wanted to post this earlier this week but, thanks to some sort of deadly virus from England (we’re talking a beautiful 3 week long cough and cold) I just didn’t feel up to it.

But I’m back now and taking a look back at one of the most amazing years ever! 2014 was very, very good to me indeed! I thought I’d pop together a few highlights for you to peruse over and for me to reminisce about.

March: Hen and Stag dos in Europe
Our second wedding day was fast approaching so we jetted back to celebrate our last weeks of being single (even though we were already married!) with our friends back in England and Germany. Mine involved a naked art class whilst the German was dressed like a prisoner complete with chains!

hen do 13

hen do 9

April: Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon with the bro and sister-in-law
This was our first trip of the year – Las Vegas! I would say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas but when you have a blog you just have to share it! This was somewhere I’d always wanted to go, the German not so much but once we landed on the strip he soon became a convert! We spent time strolling down the strip, exploring the hotels and casinos, taking a trip to Fremont Street and driving down the famous Route 66.

Vegas Collage 6

Then it was time to hit the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam – 2 places I thought I could only dream about visiting a couple of years ago. They both did not disappoint one little bit. The Hoover Dam is such an amazing structure, it’s size is unbelievable unless you’re standing right in the middle of it and even then it’s pretty spectacular!

Hoover Dam 3

And the Grand Canyon, well, there are no words that can describe it’s beauty. It’s simply breathtaking. I still can’t believe I’ve been! Out of this world. The pictures tell a better story than my words and even they don’t come close to standing there and seeing it with your own eyes!



May: Wedding Number 2
The best day of 2014 by far – the day I walked down the aisle properly with my dad by my side and married that lovely German of mine for a second time. After shocking everybody the previous year with a sneaky wedding on the beach we thought it was only right to do it all over again, in a church in Germany with all our friends and family around us and it was amazing! I promise I will dedicate a blog post to it but for now, here’s one of my favorite pics from the day:


Just look at my handsome husband in his smart suit! After the wedding came a mini-moon to the place where sneaky married life began 12 months earlier in Destin, Florida. We thought it only right to spend our first few days being ‘proper’ married and the spot where we were legally married!


June: A Birthday Break to New Orleans
This year we decided to spend our birthdays exploring so when mine came around in June we jumped on a plane and headed to New Orleans. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit and I enjoyed every minute. We wandered around The Garden District and checked out the beautiful houses (in the midday sun, not the best idea!), walked around the French Quarter and took in the beautiful architecture along with a few drinks on Bourbon Street, indulged in many different delicacies the city is famous for including beignets at Café du Monde and a Po-Boy from Killer Po-Boys and wandered through the French Market.

French Market 1

July: We ran a 10k, our niece came to stay, Germany won the FIFA World Cup and a quick trip to the beach!
Jeez, July was busy! We kicked it off by running our first 10k race with practically zero training (the German actually did manage zero training!) but we roped 2 of our friends in and ran The Peachtree Road Race and it was amazing! We were walking like old people for a week afterwards but Team Couch Potato rocked!

Hot and sweaty but we did it!

Our niece Christina and her friend Nina hopped on a plane to see us. They spent a few weeks doing a Florida road trip before heading back to Atlanta and spending a few days with us. We spent a lot of that around the pool, shopping and heading to a Braves game!


The next one made that German of mine happy! England crashed out of the FIFA World Cup 2014 spectacularly in the first round (well done boys, good job we don’t have as higher hopes for you as the Germans!) so, this house turned into a house with 2 Germany fans! We watched every game, the German even getting to watch one in his homeland. That definitely made the boy happy. But, the best game of all was of course the final. We watched that one at the German Cultural Center where I work and volunteer and man, was it a party! After sitting through the whole game and nearly all of extra time, Germany finally scored that winning goal! It brought tears to the German’s eyes, more than appeared on our wedding day! He was one happy bunny!

July Review 3

At the end of the month we hopped in the car again and headed on down to Florida to spend the weekend with my aunty and uncle who were on holiday there. We spent time at the beach, went out for some lovely meals and went dolphin spotting – the first time I had ever seen a dolphin!


August: I became a godmother twice over and we headed to Indianapolis and a birthday trip to Savannah
August saw me jumping back on a plane and heading across the Atlantic for a couple of weeks to become the godmother to 2 beautiful little girls, one, being my best friend’s baby Lily, the other, my friend from university’s baby Bridget. Both christening’s were beautiful and I was so honored to be chosen to be such a special person in both little girl’s lives.

What a Year 1

Then, when I got home, we jumped on yet another plane (my carbon footprint is shocking this year!) and headed up to Indianapolis where one of our friends from Germany was working for 3 months. We caught up with Balti and his girlfriend Jasmin, checked out Indianapolis and watched the Indianapolis Colts in a pre-season game.


At the end of the month the German clocked another year onto his life, and, as we decided to have a weekend trip as a birthday present we jumped in the car and drove to Savannah. Wow, such a beautiful place! One of the oldest cities in America and, believe me, this place is pretty! We seemed to rock up on one of the hottest weekend’s of the year but that didn’t stop up checking out the little squares, walking along the river and of course having a few drinks along the way! We also stopped off at Tybee Island before heading home for a walk along the beach.

Savannah 4

September: Mama C came to stay followed by Sven
September saw the annual visit from Mama C. She flew in for 2 weeks that involved wine tasting, a trip up Stone Mountain, lots of shopping and of course, a trip to Nashville. We did plan to head to Florida for a few days but, thanks to Mama C’s luck with the weather, it looked shocking, so we ditched that idea and went north to Tennessee instead!

Stone Mountain / Wine Tasting in Dahlonega / Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Stone Mountain / Wine Tasting in Dahlonega / Atlanta Botanical Gardens

A day after Mama C left, Sven flew in for the weekend which saw us hitting up a brewery and taking a tour of Turner Field.

September is Good 3

October: My best friend Clare and Lily came to visit, we headed to the mountains and Björn and Sarah came to stay
This was one of my favorite visits of the year – a visit from my best friend Clare and her baby (my goddaughter!) Lily. It was so good to be able to show her around my new home (because of said baby, this was Clare’s first visit to Atlanta, she already has another one booked for this year!) and spend lots of time with her, catching up, heading out for lunch, chatting and doing what we used to do all the time. One of the things I miss the most. It also meant I got to spend a week with Lily, heading to the park, going down slides, playing with building blocks and generally hanging out together. Another thing I miss the most. Whilst they were here we headed to a cabin in Ellijay and tried to spot some bears. We weren’t very good at bear spotting but we were good at hanging out in a hot tub and making smores!

Goodbyes 2


At the end of the month Björn and Sarah came to stay. The flew in for the weekend, and somehow managed to pick the coldest weekend of the year so far! The previous weekend hit the 80s, this weekend saw temperatures in the 40s with a strong wind, boy was it cold! We headed to a Georgia Tech football game but only managed half of it before giving up and heading home to a warm fire! The following day it warmed up a little and we headed to Amicalola Falls before the guys flew to Florida to continue their trip.

What a Year 3

November: Chicago was ticked off the bucket list
November saw us heading up to the cold, oh so cold, climes of Chicago, taking in the bean, the river, tucking into deep dish pizza and of course, heading up The Willis Tower – what an experience!

What a year 2

December: A trip to Nashville before heading home for the Holidays
After visiting Nashville with Mama C, I knew it was a place the German would love. So, before heading back to Europe for Christmas, we had a cheeky weekend away. We jumped in the car and headed up to Nashville, taking in the sounds of Music City in various bars, checking out the Country Music Hall of Fame and generally chilling out. On the way home we stopped off at the Jack Daniel’s distillery, the only place in the world the whiskey is made.

What a Year 4

Then, after getting the biggest Christmas tree ever, we packed out bags and heading to England for Christmas and Germany for the New Year. We managed to leave a drawer full of Christmas presents in Atlanta but that didn’t stop us having an amazing trip! As usual, tears were shed when it was time to come home.

What a Year 5

There we have it, another amazing year done and, looking back, it seems I still have a lot to write about. Now it’s time to see what 2015 has in store – I’m guessing it’s going to be just as exciting, if not even more exciting than the last!

How was your 2014?


14 thoughts on “Wow, what a year!

  1. Hi Rachel I loved reading this!! I had been thinking about doing a similar post as 2014 was such a crazy year for us too full of lots of fun things it seems a shame not to write about them, now I am inspired to get on and do it 🙂 you’ve been to quite a few places we are planning on doing this year – Nashville, Savannah and Destin! lots to look forward to! 🙂 xx

    • Hey! You really should get that post written! It’s so good to see your year written down, the memories come flooding back and things you may have forgotten about are remembered! Last year was hectic with traveling! This year we don’t have anything planned so far (that is unheard of so we better get planning something soon!) – you will LOVE Nashville, Savannah and Destin though! Destin is my favorite thanks to it’s pure white beaches and clear water (and the wedding memories of course) Savannah is just so pretty and Nashville is a cool place to hang out, drink some beer and listen to music! Enjoy! Looking forward to reading about your adventures! x

    • It really was a busy year! I’m kind of hoping this year will be a little quieter although secretly I want it to be just as busy and full of exploring! Thanks so much for the lovely wedding dress comment – I just wish I could wear it again! Maybe we should plan a third wedding…! (I’m not sure the German would go for that one!) x

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