Catching up on life.

Since heading back Stateside after the Christmas holidays, life seems to have been non-stop here in the ATL although nothing major has been happening. Sounds weird, right? So, now that I finally seem to have a minute, I thought I would give you a little update on life in general and what we’ve been getting up to.

Life 1

We’ve been getting out and about in the sunshine and walking more. There are loads of tracks and trails close to our apartment so we’ve been making the most of them. I also got a FitBit for Christmas (thanks Big Bro!) and it’s definitely encouraging me to get off my butt and get moving! We headed out on a bike ride together, now that the German has Greg (his road bike) I can use his old back and I’m not deemed too slow for him! Although I’m not allowed to go out on every ride with him – the boy likes to ride as fast as possible and I like to just trundle along at a nice speed!

Life 2

Smoked Salmon, Avocado and Poached Egg / Turkey Chilli with Cauliflower Rice / Warm Quinoa and Halloumi Salad / Bolognese in the making

We’ve been trying to eat a little healthier. This means putting together a meal plan for the week and heading to the farmers market every week for the fresh ingredients. It also means spending time prepping our food for the week but, thanks to team work being the dream work (I know, I’m hanging my head in shame right now for coming out with that line!) we’re getting it done in double quick time! This doesn’t mean we haven’t been heading out for tacos and burgers though, just maybe not as much! We also had the compulsory pizza, chips and dips whilst watching the SuperBowl – it would be a crime not to!

Life 3

I’ve had a busy few weeks with work too and several events taking place including this one – Piano Battle: Combat on the Keys. This event saw two pianists from Germany battle it out with six rounds of classical music at the Rialto Center for the Arts. After each round, the audience decides who they think played the best, the winning pianist moves his piano forward and the first to cross the finish line wins. It was a great event – the pianists had a good sense of humor and banter between each other. I think they’re in Chicago right now – if you ever spot them, you have to go!

Life 4

Then there’s the random little things:

  • I found some limited edition Red Velvet Oreos in Target, definitely a good find! The cream cheese frosting filling is the best!
  • Whilst driving to the farmers market one weekend, I turned a corner and felt like I was back in England! The little buildings were so cute!
  • Atlanta often puts on the best sunsets – I got to see this one on the way home one day.
  • There were signs of spring a couple of weeks ago (that’s all disappeared now and temperatures are barely above freezing!) so we indulged in our first frozen yoghurt of the year.

Life 5

  • That weather I just told you about that’s led to temperatures not getting above freezing (practically unheard of around here and record breaking!) well, North Georgia experienced and ice storm and the German snapped this picture on the way to the bank near his office – beautiful, isn’t it?
  • We were invited to a bluegrass concert and saw the Yonder Mountain String Band – it was the first time we’d ever really listened to bluegrass and we really enjoyed it.
  • We’ve started training for the Peachtree Road Race on Independence Day. We did the race last year (I just wanted the t-shirt) without any training but we’re determined to do better this year and beat our times!
  • Look at that handsome man I got to spend an afternoon coffee with in the sunshine – oh yes, that’s the German! We made the most of the weather on the way home from catching up with some friends!
  • Oh, and our friends Mandy and Carson have bought a house that is a complete fixer upper so we’ve  been helping them to renovate it – it’s going to look amazing when it’s done! I don’t have any pictures of that just yet though!

So there you have it – life lately for these 2 expats in Atlanta. What have you been up to?



11 thoughts on “Catching up on life.

  1. Never heard of anything like that Piano contest sounds really cool!! My brother plays and studies music at uni I will have to tell him about it he’d love that kind of thing! On another note – the cauliflower rice thing, is it a yay or nay???? I’m not a massive fan but I somehow think that if it resembles rice maybe it won’t taste so bad?? xx

  2. Wow that photograph of the icestorm is incredible! Mother nature certainly throws out some epic things in the USA that’s for sure! There’s a bar near us that do a regular (nightly or weekly I can’t remember) dueling piano, sometimes they have special guests too, crazy popular!

    • The trees look amazing once the ice hits! It’s just beautiful – like you say, Mother Nature knows what she’s doing over here! I love dueling piano bars – we went to one in Florida and attempted to go to one in Chicago but the German had trainers on and we weren’t allowed in! x

  3. My favourite fro-yo in Atlanta is “Yoforia” I’d get the pomegranate fro yo with chocolate chips. But I’m clearly biased because I lived near one! x

  4. If you are ever up in north Cobb County (Acworth to be precise), you should visit Loribell’s frozen custard on Hwy. 41. It’s a family-owned business and Doug, the husband, creates all the flavors. He and his wife, Susan, are the nicest people you’ll ever meet, so we like to give them as much business as we can. Frozen custard is much thicker and creamier than frozen yogurt, and I’m definitely a convert. Just a suggestion!

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