Exploring: Chicago, IL

Exploring Chicago, IL

Late last year, the German and I were lucky enough to head up to Chicago together to check out the Windy City. It’s somewhere the German goes to a lot for meetings and the like, but this time his wife was coming along too!

Chicago is a city I’ve always wanted to go to. I’ve heard such great things about it and wanted to check it out for myself. So, we headed up for the weekend in November. Weather-wise it probably wasn’t the best choice, it was so cold! We had snow and temperatures hitting a high of a whopping -11 degrees celsius – temperatures I have never experienced before. Add to that the wind and just walking from the car to the hotel left you freezing! That wasn’t going to stop us exploring though!

First stop was, of course, The Bean. Situated in Millennium Park on the Chicago Loop, the sculpture by Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor, is actually called Cloud Gate, but goes by the name of The Bean because of it’s shape. It was built between 2004 and 2006 and is made up of 168 stainless steel plates welded together. This sculpture is so shiny, it reflects and distorts the city’s skyline from every angle and can obviously lead to hours of photo taking fun – although maybe not so much during the winter when your fingers freeze in around 0.2 seconds! That didn’t stop us braving the cold both during the day and in the evening to get those perfect shots.

IMG_5937IMG_5935 IMG_5908 IMG_5917 IMG_5900 IMG_5907 IMG_6235 IMG_6214 IMG_6239 IMG_6216

One of the things I loved the  most about Chicago is that it’s a very walkable city. It reminded me of New York but on a smaller scale. It has a subway system (which is actually above ground) that takes you out to the suburbs as well as around the city. There’s a river running through the middle and you can go shopping in the city centre with every high street and designer store imaginable. No need to have a car to get to the mall like in Atlanta!

IMG_6210 IMG_6019 IMG_6030 IMG_6036IMG_6069

The city also has a pretty impressive skyline which looks even better from the top of the Willis Tower – more on that in another post! Obviously, you have to walk past the Chicago theater and, if you’re lucky, visit when there’s something you want to see on and head inside. We just admired it from the street.

IMG_6002 IMG_5999 IMG_6055

I’d love to head back to Chicago, maybe when the weather is warmer so we can spend more time outside, checking out the pier, enjoying a glass or two of wine in the sunshine. Hopefully we’ll make it back there one day.

Have you been to Chicago? What were your impressions of it?


9 thoughts on “Exploring: Chicago, IL

  1. We loved Chicago too! I agree it’s great how walkable it is and I loved that everything was convenient. The magnificent mile made me feel like I was in the city centre of a UK city, we don’t have that kind of thing in Birmingham,we also have to drive to the mall lol. Xx

  2. I have so so much love for Chicago, hopefully to pop back in the future for all the things we never got around to checking out the first time. I actually wouldn’t mind living there, it seems to have everything you need! I know what you mean – I love how easy Chicago is to get around, by walking or by the public transport. Their public transport is incredible – perhaps because we have zero of it around here, but it works so well there! Wishing i’d popped back to the Bean at night, love the reflections!

    • It’s such a great city and so walkable! I think I could live there too, well, apart from the cold but I guess you get used to that! The bean is amazing at night – if you make it back, make sure the bean at night is on the list! xx

  3. Chicago is great city BUT the major problem is the weather. I really like people in the Midwest and I think you’d find Midwesterners tend to be more quiet, more polite, and more chatty than Southerners. Chicago is a bit different from other places in the Midwest because it’s a big city but you’d still find some of these characteristics among the people. Also, if you return to the Midwest, maybe check out some college towns which can be a lot of fun, like Madison, Wisconsin or Ann Arbor, Michigan. The problem with the Midwest is that everything is very spread out, which is very much unlike densely populated Europe.

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