Food: Pizano’s, Chicago, IL

Pizanos 1

When you’re in Chicago you simply have to eat pizza and not just any pizza, deep dish pizza! The city is famous for it and who am I to say no to pizza? This expat thing is all about exploring and trying local delicacies and this definitely has to be a good one. So, literally hours after landing in the windy city, we could be found in a pizza place, waiting for our deep dish!

The German had visited Pizano’s on a previous trip to Chicago and given it his seal of approval (and believe me, that boy is a connoisseur when it comes to pizza) and had decided this was the place we should go. He definitely wasn’t wrong, it was so good in fact, that we ended up going twice in the space of 4 days! Hey, if you find good pizza you stick to it!

So, after checking out The Bean and taking some stupid photos, we headed up the street and into Pizano’s to warm up and grab some food. After ordering some drinks and perusing over the menu, we decided to share the Rudy’s Special – cheese, sausage, mushroom, onion, and green pepper.

Pizza’s in this place take at least 30 minutes to cook, so whilst we were waiting, we checked out our surroundings. When we were there it was like a winter wonderland – Christmas had definitely hit Pizano’s! There were decorations everywhere! It kind of runs along the same theme as many other Italian restaurants over here – the colors are red and black, there’s white paper tablecloths over the top of red ones (I guess for ease of cleaning) and it’s pretty relaxed. It doesn’t look that special until the food arrives!

Deep dish pizza is a skill and these guys have mastered it to a fine art! The different between deep dish and normal pizza is the base. It’s baked in a round, steel pan, similar to those used for pies and cakes with the crust typically 1.5 inches deep. It’s oiled to give the base a fried effect and, because the base takes longer to cook, the toppings are assembled ‘upside down’ so that the cheese doesn’t burn. This means the crust is covered in the cheese, then the other toppings like sausage, peppers, mushrooms and onions and them topped with tomato sauce. That way the pie doesn’t become soggy and the cheese is melted and delicious.

IMG_5939 IMG_5940IMG_6213 IMG_6243

The results are just amazing! The crust is crispy and moorish, I’m not usually a huge pizza crust fan but I finished every last bit of this one! Pizano’s makes sure they give you lots of toppings – the pizza oozes with cheese, plenty of sausage and a delicious tomato sauce. Let’s face it – it was perfection on a plate, hence why we ended up going again a few days later before jumping back on our plane to Atlanta.

If you’re ever in Chicago, head to Pizano’s. I still dream of that pizza now and seriously hope I get to go back for another someday!


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