Catching up on life. Vol. 2

Life at this time of the year is usually a little quieter for these 2 expats. Winter means we don’t explore so much, especially when the Atlanta weather has a wild burst of cold and there were a few of those this year. Thankfully though, it looks like those days might finally be over and it’s time to get out and about again!

Our first trip of the year took place last weekend – we kicked off the fun times with margaritas on Friday night, followed by a date night to Veni Vidi Vici on Saturday night. Then, on Sunday the German took me to Providence Canyon, Georgia’s very own Grand Canyon, for a belated Valentine’s Day surprise! He even rocked up with a picnic and bubbly – that beautiful place will be getting a post of it’s own but, for now, here are some pics to wet your appetite:

Catching up 6

When it comes to culinary treats, we’ve been cooking up some good ones in the kitchen:

Catching up 2

  • Chicken satay (thanks to Jamie Oliver), peanut slaw (thanks to Thug Kitchen) and flatbread.
  • Sweet Corn and green chili baked flautas with homemade salsa and guacamole (all thanks to Thug Kitchen!)
  • The Insanity Burger (again thanks to Jamie Oliver!)
  • I made my first ever grilled cheese sandwich and became fully integrated in American society!

The German also made his very first schnitzel – for a German, he is a very late starter but he did a bloody good job! I’ll definitely be asking him to cook that up again! Mama Richter would be proud!

Catching up 3

Spring seems to be on it’s way in the ATL. I’ve had my first pedicure of the season, the white jeans and sandals have made a return and the blossom is starting to flourish on the trees. It’s great seeing the changes that seem to be happening on a daily basis – everywhere is starting to look so pretty!

Catching up 4

My training for the Peachtree Road Race is coming along nicely! The German spent 10 days in Germany and the weather was so lovely here that I spent a lot of time outside running (and walking) in the sunshine. It also meant I ended up with my first sunburn of the season, not realizing the strength of the sun and how much my skin isn’t used to it! I looked like a typical Brit abroad with a bright red racerback print on my back! Well done Rachel. We entered the lottery for a spot in the race this week – fingers crossed we get one now, especially after all this training! I’m not up to running for 25 minutes without stopping! Last year’s race time was 1 hour 18 minutes (more on that here) – I’m definitely aiming to beat that this year, I’d love to do it in an hour or less but we’ll see about that!

Catching up 5

I think that is all life has had to offer lately for us. Visitor season is nearly upon us – my brother and sister-in-law are doing their usual job of opening the Richter Hotel for the season in a couple of weeks, then our friends from Germany visit before we have another visit from my best friend and goddaughter along with her husband this time too! There will definitely be lots to report from all those trips!

What’s been happening with you lately?


8 thoughts on “Catching up on life. Vol. 2

    • Thanks! I actually enjoy being in the kitchen and cooking up something nice although I also like having a night off and heading and having dinner cooked for me! Hope the weather is getting warmer – I spotted you were out and about in the garden this week so I’m guessing it finally is! We’re about to hit 80 degrees tomorrow…

    • Ah, thank you! They were from DSW but they’re by Steve Madden so I guess you can get them in other places too. I did buy them last year but they usually make the same sandal but a little different every year. Hope that helps!

  1. Sounds like you’ve been having a great time Rachel! By any chance are your foodie creations from jamies comfort food book? Lol I have it too! I’m a big jamie fan!
    My motherinlaw in visiting us atm and we’re off to Atlanta for the weekend to stay with her friends from there!! I’ll let you know what we get up to! 🙂 xx

    • You’re right! The burger is indeed from Jamie’s Comfort Food book along with the Schnitzel! We just got it so we’ve been making a few recipes out of it – I love his food too although the 30 minute meals always take longer!
      How was your trip to Atlanta? What did you think and what did you get up to? Hope you enjoyed it and had fun! xx

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