The Grand Re-Opening of the Richter Hotel 2015!

That’s right people, it’s that time of year again when the Richter Hotel opens its doors to its first guests of the year. And, as is now tradition in these parts, these guys will once again be doing the honors:

Beer Market 5

My big bro Chris and sister-in-law Becky are heading back to the ATL today! Every year since our arrival in the States, they’ve been our first visitors. During their first trip, they were tasked with helping us to empty our container which arrived on Easter Sunday. Their second, during the summer months, was a little bit of a wash out weather-wise and they didn’t really make it to the pool, shocking, I know. And, their third trip, this time last year, was a short one before we all headed off to the bright lights and neon signs of Las Vegas!


Tomorrow marks the start of their fourth trip, they’re now seasoned professionals when it comes to navigating their way through the airport, picking up their bags and being welcomed to Atlanta by mayor Kasim Reed! And of course, we have lots of things planned for the 2 weeks they’ll be staying with us. On Saturday, we’re heading up to a cabin in Blue Ridge for a few days and stopping off for a little wine tasting on the way. It’s Becky’s birthday on Sunday so, we’ll be celebrating with an Easter egg hunt, Bloody Mary’s with brunch and champagne in a hot tub! We plan to spend most of the day tucking into cocktails paired with some sort of food, whether that’s cheese, a raclette or a BBQ. We’ll also spend some time exploring the surrounding area, going for a walk and heading into Blue Ridge itself before heading back to the ATL. The German’s once again hoping to spot a bear whilst he’s up there, I don’t think my brother is as keen though…

We’ll be heading back to Turner Field (yay!) and catching 2 baseball games and to the Philips Arena for a basketball game, hitting up Monday Night Brewing, hopefully checking out some filming locations of The Walking Dead (Becky has always been a big fan but Toby and I got addicted to it over the last few months!), going to the Dogwood Festival, of course some shopping and tucking into more delicious treats that America has to offer such as Fox Bros. BBQ, a burger at The Vortex, dinner at Table & Main in Roswell and of course some Mexican food – a trip Stateside would not be complete without the legendary queso!

So, make sure you keep up with our adventures on Instagram – I’ll be sure to post many a picture on there of what we’re getting up to. I may also have invested in a selfie stick (after thinking they were pretty ridiculous, I now think they’ll probably take the best pictures of all 4 of us, my arm is just not long enough!) so get ready to be wowed by the beautiful North Georgia mountains and our pretty faces!

Before I go though, do you think I’ve bought enough chocolate for our Easter egg hunt? I think I may have to head out and buy some more…


The German disagrees…



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