Hershey’s Chocolate Ban? What Hershey’s Chocolate ban!

Chocolate Mailbox

As a British expat in America I was not a happy bunny when I read that Hershey’s had blocked British-made chocolate (like the oh so creamy and delicious Cadbury’s) from entering the U.S. This chocolate loving Brit needed her stash of Cadbury’s, especially when the other stuff on offer over here is mostly made by Hershey’s and I’m sorry America, but I just can’t seem to teach myself to love that stuff.

So, when I received an email from ChocolateMailbox.com offering me a box of my favorite British chocolates imported from the homeland I obviously jumped at the chance! Hershey’s will not keep me away from the good stuff.

It arrived quickly and with clear signs on the front to handle with care and keep out of direct sunlight, a must when tasty chocolate is inside! Sadly though, I think mine may have got a little too hot in our mailbox (not the fault of ChocolateMailbox.com at all, just the warm Atlanta climate and a metal mailbox!), I think some of the chocolate may have melted a little. But, that doesn’t mean the contents didn’t make me a happy lady! I got a little bit too excited when I opened it and spotted a Boost bar! Those were my favorite back home! The German thought I had a screw loose, especially when I reacted to the fact that he has never,  in his whole entire life, tasted a Boost! Don’t worry people, we will be rectifying that problem!


For us British expats, not only living here in the U.S. but all over the world, these guys could just be a life saver! Operating from just outside Manchester, UK, they will box up your favorite British chocolate and ship it to your door, wherever you are in the world – perfect, right?

On the Cadbury front, they have everything from a Wispa to the age old classic Curly Wurly and Double Deckers to Flakes. They also stock the likes of the trusty Malteser (we all love a good Malterser!), Rolo and Minstrels to name just a few! Heaven. And, to make things even better, their prices are reasonable too. Single bars start at just £1.05 or you can bag yourself a selection box along the lines of the Cadbury’s Collection Box including 10 pieces of Cadbury’s chocolate for just £10.49 (Approx $16) with shipping starting as low as £1.99 (Approx $3), you can’t go wrong!

This is definitely a service I will use in the future! And, until April 30, the guys at ChocolateMailbox.com are offering you, my lovely readers, 15% off your entire order if you use the code atlanta1 at checkout. What are you waiting for guys? Get your hands on some tasty British chocolate now! Thanks ChocolateMailbox.com!


8 thoughts on “Hershey’s Chocolate Ban? What Hershey’s Chocolate ban!

  1. Thanks for landing this discount Rachel! I’ll definitely check this out. I’ve always heard that British candy is the best! Now’s my chance to verify this claim.

  2. A very large ammount of new sites arose in order to cash in on our sad loss of REAL chocolate.
    Many small Brit and Irish shops in USA are sufferring loss of revenue and possible closure due to Hersheys assenign ban.
    These shops need our support. They won’t rip you off either.
    Anglotopia has a list on thier website.
    Join stophersheys/facebook and add your voices in the efforts to lift the ban.

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