When the Big Bro and Sis-In-Law came to stay.

As is tradition in these parts nowadays, the big bro and sister-in-law did their yearly duties of opening up the Richter Hotel for the visitor season at the beginning of April and I thought you might like to know what we got up to during their latest visit.

We packed so much into 2 weeks we didn’t have time to stop and think, let alone have time for a little blogging! We started with a trip to Wolf Mountain Vineyards (where the fresh off the plane Brits got a little bit sunburnt in the Georgia sun):


Then we went on a road trip into the mountains where we stayed in a cabin over the Easter weekend. We chilled out in the hot tub, played some pool in the games room, had an Easter egg hunt, drank lots of different cocktails, wine, beer and bubbles, tucked into a BBQ and raclette, and of course, checked out the local area with a trip into Blue Ridge:

Cabin 1

Yes, that is my brother celebrating a win at pool…I’m not sure his winning streak lasted too long though…

Once we’d made it back to Atlanta my big bro got his fix of American sports with a trip to a basketball game (which led to me driving in the worst storm I have ever driven in my life!) and a couple of baseball games thanks to the season getting underway just as they headed over:

Big Bro 1

We went on a Walking Dead tour, tracking down the CDC, both Rick and Morgan’s homes, we attempted to get to the quarry (that didn’t work, don’t try it kids!) and ended up in Woodbury and Alexandria! There is definitely more to follow on that one people, hang fire, there’s a blog post in the making! But, here’s a taster:


We ate out a lot so that my brother could get his fill of American grub, then tried to counteract all the calories by  hiking up Kennesaw Mountain and checking out the beautiful spot that is Tallulah Gorge:

Big Bro 3

And we ended the trip just about where we started – wine tasting! Although this time we stopped off at Chateau Elan on our way home from Tallulah Gorge. The German was the designated driver and, sadly for him, the rest of us ended up getting a little squiffy! Ooops!


Suddenly, 2 weeks were up and the Cook’s had to head back to good old Blighty, another fab visit over. Until next time Cook-a-trons!


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