Exploring: Rosemary Beach, FL

Rosemary Beach

A few weeks ago, the German and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary (even though we’ve legally been married for 2 years!) and decided to head back to Florida where married life for us technically began, although Ma Cook refused to believe it until she saw me walk down the aisle a year later in Germany!

This time though, instead of going to our usual spot in Sandestin, we decided to switch things up, head along the 30A and go to Rosemary Beach, and man did we make the right decision! This place is stunning – white sand, crystal clear water and the cutest condos and houses you have ever seen!

IMG_0134 IMG_9838 IMG_9839_2 IMG_9841 IMG_9843 IMG_9844 IMG_0048

I just loved all the shutters, patios and porches, the columns and the architecture. Like every trip we have to the beach, the German was seriously thinking about buying a condo there, he even went a step further this time and asked one realtor for more information, but by Monday morning we were concentrating on a buying a house in Atlanta again. Funny what the sea air does to you!

Rosemary Beach is a little less crowded than other resorts along the 30A but much more beautiful. We’re talking porches and balconies you could spend hours on sipping margaritas and watching the world go by, or if you’re lucky enough, watching the waves roll in and taking in the beautiful views.

We stayed for 4 nights, spent our days lazing around on the beach and our evenings eating some delicious food and, of course, enjoying a few drinks!

IMG_9891 IMG_9893 IMG_9942_2 IMG_9961 IMG_0133

We found the cutest beach bar that you can only get to from the beach that has some of the prettiest views – you can sit and (just about) watch the sunset before having a dusk stroll along the beach, perfect!

IMG_0030 IMG_0033

The only downside of Rosemary Beach was that everywhere closed at 10pm. If you want a drink after that there is one hotel bar open, that, in my opinion, was a little pricey. Now, I’m not saying I wanted to party all night long, definitely not, but I’d like to stay up a little later than 10pm!

I’m sure we’ll definitely be heading back to Rosemary Beach soon though – next time we’ll make sure to rent an apartment with a balcony though for those late night drinks!

Where to eat:

Acme Ice House, Seacrest Beach: This place served up some tasty fresh oysters (that I never thought I would ever see the German tuck into but he certainly did!) and some tasty mahi maui. Definitely worth the visit. Not too pricey either.

Cowgirl Kitchen, Rosemary Beach: This place is pretty casual, you’re talking pizza, tacos and burgers. I went for fish tacos, the German tucked into his favorite, pizza. Both were delicious – the perfect spot for a more relaxed evening – they do a good margarita too!

Edward’s Fine Food and Wine, Rosemary Beach: This restaurant has the prettiest courtyard and live music – there’s something about a restaurant or bar with live music that I really love! The food here was delicious – we went for the crab cake and then I think I had the fish of the day – delicious! A little more pricey but definitely worth it.

Paradis, Rosemary Beach: We went here for our anniversary dinner and it was perfect! We started with some cocktails in the bar whilst we waited for a table outside. I started with the scallops and the German, once again, had oysters. Seriously, when I met this man nearly 5 years ago he only ate salmon! Then I had the grouper, with the German tucking into the special of the day. Both were out of this world – this place is definitely worth the visit!

Where to drink:

Crabby Steve’s, Seacrest Beach: This is the bar that is only accessible from the beach. It’s a little tucked away but once you find it you’ll be glad you did! It has some great views of the ocean and sunsets – the perfect spot for a beach lunch or post-beach cocktail before dinner.

IMG_1808 IMG_0245

The Pearl, Rosemary Beach: This is the only bar we could find that was open past 10pm. It was a little pricey but a lovely hotel bar for that night cap before bed. It quickly quietened down after 10pm though. The hotel also has a rooftop bar which is open during the day and into the evening, if you get the right seats you can sip on some wine whilst looking out onto the ocean.


Beach Rentals:

We hired our beach chairs from Dillon’s Beach Services. They were delivered and reserved for us everyday in the spot we asked for with our name attached to them for just $20 per day. I guess if we were heading to the beach more often we’d invest in our own chair and umbrella but this is so convenient for us for now!



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