EXPAT LIFE: When the Bestie came to stay.

Well hello there! I bet you can’t quite believe what you’re seeing, a post from Me, Myself and Atlanta? I know, it’s been over a month since I appeared on this little piece of the internet I call my blog and I’m guessing you all thought I’d fallen off the edge of the earth or down a huge dark hole or something, right? Well, you’d be wrong! Life was just pretty hectic this last month and the blog took a back seat. One of the reasons life was a little mad was that my best friend in the whole wide world came to stay again!


The excitement had obviously been building for weeks – we hadn’t seen each other since Christmas! Clare was heading Stateside with her husband Paul and the cutest little lady in the whole wide world Lily for a road trip through Florida and into Georgia to stay with us for a few days before heading back through Florida to fly home. Once we were in the same country and on the same time zone the excitement built even more!

Then, finally, late on a Wednesday evening, their car pulled into our car park and I sprinted from the house to meet her! Like usual, we were crying before we even got to each other and had the biggest hug ever! Then it was time to see the little beauty that is Lily and her daddy – more big hugs followed! It was so good seeing the little lady who had obviously changed massively since Christmas!

After all the hugs and tears were over we headed into the house and, with drinks in our hands, down to the play area for Lily to burn off some energy before bed – she’d been strapped in a car seat for most of the day! This year she could use the slide on her own without nearly falling out!

IMG_0854 IMG_0332 IMG_0884

The next few days passed way too quickly. Lily (and her mum!) are massive animal lovers so we went back to Zoo Atlanta and spent the day looking at the different animals. My favorites are the pandas, Clare loves the naked mole rats and Lily is a huge bug lover, especially spiders! Once again, I skipped out of the petting zoo, it’s just not my thing!

IMG_1152 IMG_0964 IMG_0975 IMG_1154 IMG_0435 IMG_1064 IMG_1112

In the evening, Clare and I got a pass out and went for some girly drinks whilst the boys babysat at home!


We, of course, went shopping to the outlet and stocked up on all the cheap clothes that cost a fortune back home! We also came back with a dozen donuts that we powered our way through over the next 24 hours!

IMG_0916 IMG_0892

Saturday saw us heading to Stone Mountain. The weather was beautiful so we thought it was the perfect spot to go to. We had a picnic at the top and practiced a little yoga! We rode the train around the mountain (one that I wouldn’t recommend doing and won’t be doing again, it wasn’t that exciting and all you could really see was stone and trees!) and did something I have been itching to do since we first went to Stone Mountain over 2 years ago – we rode the ducks!! Having a child with you gets you into the best places (you can do this without a child but it’s pretty much child based – I don’t think there was anyone on it without a child!) Ride the Ducks is when you take at trip in an all terrain vehicle and splash into the lake! It was fab! Lily even got to drive the vehicle – we all love the quackers too!

IMG_0531 IMG_0535 IMG_0572 IMG_0603 IMG_0613 IMG_1117 IMG_0634 IMG_1185

But then Sunday rocked around all too quickly which mean the Holmes family were heading off on their travels again later in the afternoon. That didn’t stop us enjoying the day though – we headed down to the pool, caught some rays, had a dip in the water and had a BBQ prepared for us by the boys!

IMG_0815 IMG_1083 IMG_0824

Sadly though, 4pm rolled around and it was time for the bestie to leave. This is the part I hate the most about being an expat, the goodbyes and the thought that I’m not going to see these people for a long time. It comes with the territory of being an expat but it never gets any easier. The last few days had been amazing, and, as usual, neither of us wanted it to end. The tears were flowing long before we headed out to the car to wave goodbye, it was so sad as we watched them drive up the road and onto their next adventure.

It’s so good having people come to stay but so heartbreaking when they leave. We already had a countdown for the  next time we’d see each other – 8 weeks. Those 8 weeks are up in 7 days when I head back to England for a few days and I cannot wait to see the  bestie, the little lady and her daddy again! 


7 thoughts on “EXPAT LIFE: When the Bestie came to stay.

  1. Awww I’m glad you had a good time with your best friend! Im sorry the train at stone mountain was a bust – its always been lame. If you haven’t visited the little village there I recommend it, its especially cute at christmas! Love seeing Atlanta through an expat’s eyes!

    • Thanks – we had a great time! As for the train, you have to try everything once! Once is definitely enough for that one though! Oooh – I’ll have to check the village out a Christmas, I’m a sucker for for Christmas! x

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