EXPAT LIFE: Catching up on Life Vol.4

To say things have been pretty busy around here lately might just be an understatement! Between visitors, work and generally enjoying life, it’s been hard to find a spare minute!

As you all know, my best friend, her husband and my goddaughter came to stay and we had the best time ever which included pool time, exploring time and general catching up time! You can read more about that here.


Then Mama C arrived for her annual visit. Whilst she was here we spent some time in a brewery, a winery, at the baseball, trekking a gorge and of course some shopping! More on that in another blog post, but for now, here’s a little pic from her stay:


I think that picture definitely shows where my craziness comes from!

The 4th of July rolled around again and it was time to run another Peachtree Road Race! Team Couch Potato assembled again and we were all ready to pound the streets of Atlanta!


After completing the 10k race in 1:17 minutes last year, I was determined to beat my time and thankfully, the weather was on my side! It rained. Like really rained. Like throughout the whole race rained.


Just before our start wave was due to set off we had a weather delay because of lightning strikes which left us standing in the rain for another half an hour. When we finally set off the rain was a little lighter but still coming down. It did however, mean the temperatures were a little more favorable for this little Brit who struggles to run in 90 degree heat and high humidity meaning I finished the race in 1:06 hours shaving a whopping 11 minutes off my time and completing my fastest ever mile in 9:23 minutes! Go me! The German did well too, shaving 11 minutes off his time last year so he was also pretty pleased with himself!


I was the wettest I’ve ever been in my entire life though – every single part of me was wet. My clothes must have been a couple of pounds heavier, my shoes squelched every time I walked and we all left wet patches on the Marta train back home! It was so nice to be able to jump in a nice warm shower when we got back! My phone got a little wet and had a mind of it’s own for the next few hours and took the delightfully blurry picture that you see above! Thankfully it dried out though and now works perfectly!

Then, of course, it was time for an afternoon at Carson’s parents houseboat on Lake Lanier – the perfect way to spend the rest of the 4th of July! Thankfully, by this time the weather had cleared up a lot and the sun came out to play! We chilled out in the sun, spent some time in the water, the boys had jumping off the boat splash competitions and we tucked into a BBQ before watching the fireworks! Perfect. Happy Birthday America!

IMG_2371 IMG_2385IMG_2388

As usual, I’ve been cooking up some tasty treats in the kitchen too:

Life Vol 4

  • Avocado Toasts with cream cheese and cherry tomatoes
  • Moroccan spiced chicken with roasted vegetable couscous and yoghurt
  • Slow cooked beef short ribs with roasted vegetables
  • Caprese salad

Oh an we can’t forget the fact that we finally discovered what it’s like to go tubing! So, for those of you who aren’t clued up on what this amazing discovery is, tubing, is when you sit in a rubber ring and float down the river on a sunny afternoon. Of course, there is also a spare rubbing ring which is holding a cooler of beer to sip on along the way!

We’ve been going to try this out along the Chattahoochee since we moved over here, 2 and a half years ago. Our apartment complex is on the river so we really had no excuses. However, it took us until a few weeks ago to actually do it. We bought some tubes (which of course, have beer holders and a handy back rest to make relaxing even more easier!) and enlisted our friends to come along and show us the ropes. We worked out a spot higher up the river and planned to get out at the dock at our apartment complex and walk back to the apartment.

We did it and it was AMAZING! The best way to spend an afternoon! The water keeps you cool in the heat, you get to relax, chat with friends and of course drink a few beers! Needless to say, it’s not become our favorite pastime – we went tubing on both Saturday and Sunday last weekend! We’re annoyed it took us so long to discover it! Sadly though, we don’t have any pictures from our adventures – just a pre-first trip excited trying out the tube on the dining room floor pic of me:


I’m sure there will be many more afternoons spent floating down the river!

Next up is a trip back to Europe this weekend! It will be my first trip back home since Christmas and I am so excited to see everyone – especially Papa C! This girl is looking forward to a Dad hug – 7 months is a long time! Then I’ll be hopping on a plane to meet Toby in German for Mutter Richter’s birthday and to catch up with my German family! Exciting times incoming!

4 thoughts on “EXPAT LIFE: Catching up on Life Vol.4

    • Tubing is great! If you ever get the chance, you need to try it! Blue Moon is my go to beer – I know I like that one! We’ve been trying a lot of summer beers lately too! I just love the craft beer selection over here!

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