EXPAT LIFE: When Mama C came to stay.

Hello, I’m Rachel and it’s been a long time since I posted on this littler piece of blogworld that I call mine. And the reason why? I’ve been doing that thing we call life and blogging ended up being pushed onto the back-burner and instead I’ve been spending weekends tubing on the river, enjoying the summer sunshine, taking a trip to Europe, catching up with friends and generally enjoying life!

So much so that Mama C headed across the pond for her annual visit to the Richter Hotel back in June and I still haven’t blogged about it! So, here it is!


Papa C dropped her off at the airport in the UK and I picked her up at the other side. One day Papa C will come to visit with her but he has just 4 conditions as to why (the man has a bad neck and says flying would leave him in pain for weeks) – 1. Either me or the German is ill or has an accident. 2. We have a baby. 3. We get him tickets to the Masters (he’s a  massive golf lover). 4. We buy a house that needs some work doing on it. One of them will hopefully come true at some point so he will eventually get on a plane over here!

The little one walked through the airport doors and was crying as soon as she saw me which made me a little emotional too so I ran towards her – it had been 6 months since we saw each other! After hauling her super heavy case into the car (in her defense it was mostly stuff she was bringing over for us like a new suit for the German and birthday presents for me!) we headed back home and she settled in.

The next 2 weeks were busy and fun-filled! Day one was spent by the pool one the German had made it back from his homeland:


Day 2 was when the real fun began. When Mama C is in town there is only one place you should go on a Saturday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm and that is Monday Night Brewing. It’s no secret that Mama C likes a little tipple (although not too much, she isn’t an alcoholic or anything, she’d kill me if I insinuated that!) so, along with our friends Mandy and Carson, we headed to the brewery for a little tasting session. Of course, Mama C liked every single one that she tasted, along with the German who was encouraging her to drink faster. I was the designated driver:

IMG_1908 IMG_1910

After the brewery we headed to Fox Bros. for some BBQ before going to Turner Field for a Braves game. Mama C is a big fan of baseball, especially the way the pitcher lifts his leg before pitching the ball:

IMG_1918 IMG_1924

On Sunday we braved the unseasonably warm temperatures and headed to Tallulah Gorge. We’d already been here with the big bro and sis-in-law and thought it would be the perfect pretty place to take Mama C to. We also had to tell her to bring her trainers, something she was not happy about but glad she did was she realized they were needed! We trekked up and down 700 steps to the bottom of the gorge and took some fab pictures with the selfie stick (always comes in handy, no matter how many the German says its stupid). We were hot, sweaty messes by the time we were done – nice.

IMG_1969 IMG_1989IMG_2022 IMG_2031 IMG_2043 IMG_2070

Then we had to leave Mama C at home alone whilst we went to work for a couple of days but that was ok – we came home to a spotlessly clean house, the ironing done and dinner made! She even had time to take a little trip to the pool!

Next, Mama C and I were invited to lunch on Lake Lanier with Mandy and Carson’s mum Miss Donna. We took a boat ride on the lake and ended up at a beautiful seafood restaurant where we docked the boat and jumped off to have lunch. It was so hot on the water, especially with the reflection of the water but it was so pretty. Mama C loved it!


Then, of course, we had to go to the outlet to do some shopping! Mama C was armed with a list of stuff for people back home as well as a wish list for herself. We blitzed that mall and fulfilled all the orders, along with a little extra for ourselves! I picked up a bright blue Michael Kors bag in the sale which was returned the following day because the German didn’t like the color of it! I went for a baby pink Kate Spade instead with Mama C taking home a tan Michael Kors bag!

Saturday rolled around again and that of course meant it was time for some more alcohol! This time, we moved from beer to wine and headed to Montaluce Winery in Dahlonega after a some more shopping and handbag swopping at the outlet. I’d previously been here for Mandy’s bachelorette party so knew Mama C was going to like it. It’s beautiful there with some stunning scenery. This time, the German was the designated driver so Mama C and I made the most of it!

IMG_2173 IMG_2175 IMG_2181_2IMG_2193

After wine tasting we had a little surprise up our sleeves for Mama C. We told her she was going out for dinner at 8pm but didn’t tell her where. She had no idea what was happening and only realized when we were in a lift and traveling to the 72nd floor of The Westin hotel in downtown Atlanta. Yep, we were dining at the Sundial Restaurant, a revolving restaurant with some of the best views of Atlanta. We started with a couple of cocktails in the bar before taking our seats in the restaurant. We picked the perfect time too – we got to see the city in both the daylight and at night. Mama C loved it – massive brownie points for the Richters!

IMG_2199 IMG_2205 IMG_2222_2 IMG_2261 IMG_2263 IMG_2251 IMG_2260

After another fun packed weekend it was time for Mama C to have a couple of days of cleaning the house, ironing, cooking dinner and catching some rays by the pool again whilst we went to work – hey, she’s got to pay her board somehow! That was obviously a joke, she says she enjoys doing it – we definitely don’t force her to!

Next we were invited to lunch in Decatur with one of my lovely colleagues, Liesl. Mama C got to see a new part of town, tuck into a lovely lunch and get to know Liesl a little more – perfect!

Sadly, the next day meant Mama C had to jump on that plane back home across the pond to Papa C. It was fab having her to stay again – she definitely entertained us for a couple of weeks! Of course, she cried at the airport – I however was a strong one and managed to hold back, probably because I knew I was going to see her just 2 short weeks later when I head back across the pond. When I lived in the UK I went longer without seeing her!

Thanks for being a fab visitor Mama C – come back soon, next time though make Papa C get into your suitcase, or even just sit next to you on the plane, yep, a seat on the plane will do!


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