The British Girl…

So this is me: I’m Rachel.

British Girl 1

A 31 year old, newlywed (how long can you keep that title for?) British girl who’s navigating her way around expat life in the U S of A. In 2013 that man of mine, Toby, also known as the German, came home one day and said how about we move to America? He was getting a transfer to Atlanta, Georgia and who was I to say no to that little gem of an opportunity?

The German and me on our first wedding day in Florida.

The German and me on our first wedding day in Florida.

So we moved across that big stretch of water they called ‘the pond’ and here we are. Taking Atlanta, Georgia by storm and trying to fit as many adventures into our daily lives as possible. This is my blog all about life as an expat. The good times and the amazing adventures we find oursleves on as well as the not so good times when expat life might not be what it cracked up to be. Hey, we all have bad days right?

Someone has to try this stuff...

Someone has to try this stuff…It’s all part of the expat experience!

Before upping sticks and leaving the UK I was a journalist who worked in radio for years. I was known as a radio whore having worked for just about every major radio company in the UK! For 7 years I got up in the early hours of the morning to read the news while you were having your breakfast, I was sleep deprived with big bags under my eyes and had no social life all for the love of the job, and I did love it, it sounds like a nightmare but it was FAB!

Fun newsteam times!

Fun newsteam times!

Now though, after living life as a temporary lady of leisure for just over a year, I’m now working part time whilst exploring our surroundings, comparing life in the UK to life in the US and writing this little piece of blogland I call my own.

It's a hard life...

It’s a hard life…

So grab a brew or a coffee or if it’s already wine o’clock where you are a huge glass of the good stuff and settle down for an insight into life in the States through the eyes of the British girl!


Rachel xx

10 Random facts you might not know about this British girl:

1. The traits of a journalist are ingrained in me – I’m always asking questions. Nothing gets passed me. Just ask the German.
2. I failed my driving test in the UK twice before passing, once for not turning my head to the right. Seriously. Don’t judge me though, it doesn’t meant I’m a bad driver. Third time lucky and all that.
3. I can’t sleep with cracks in a curtain or blind. I genuinely think somebody is spying through them.
4. I was so shy as a child I would cry at men and hide behind my mum’s skirt. Things have changed since then.
5. I’ve interviewed Sir Patrick Stewart.
6. I have a genuine phobia of public toilets. It’s true. I’m scared to use them. Often I send the German to the mens to report back on the condition of them or follow a stranger into the ladies so I’m not on my own.
7. I’m a full-blown foodie. I go to restaurants with the good intentions of ordering a salad but instead words like burger or tacos or something similarly unhealthy come out of my mouth instead. It’s like having food Tourettes.
8. I am petrified of dogs, cats and basically animals in general. If I see one within seconds I’ll be sprinting in the other direction. Not good for the German who’s desperate for a dog, claiming they’re cute…
9. From the outside I may look like a sensible woman. Behind closed doors though I turn into an idiot. Just ask the German – he has to live with my idiot/nutter tendencies. They say laughter’s the best meidicine though, right?
10. My mental arithmetic is atrocious. I still count on my fingers, anything over 10 is a huge struggle.

The poor German has to deal with this idiot on a daily basis. I'm sure he wouldn't have it any other way though...I think...

The poor German has to deal with this idiot on a daily basis. I’m sure he wouldn’t have it any other way though…I think…

22 thoughts on “The British Girl…

  1. So happy to find your blog! We also live in Atlanta, my husband is the British one, we have been here for 5.5 years after I was with him in London for 3 years. Hope you are enjoying it here 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for all of your advice and tips!! I’m moving to sunny atlanta from not so sunny newcastle at the end of July, and as I’m flying solo I’m trying to do as much research as I can before I go!!

    • Hello and welcome along! I’m so glad I was able to help you out on your big move. How exciting, and you arrive in summer – the best time of the year! It will definitely be a culture shock from Newcastle though! I’m sure you’ll love it! What’s bringing you over here? If there’s anything else I could possibly help you with just ask!

  3. I came across your website today, a breath of fresh air, thank you! We arrived here in Atlanta 6 weeks ago with 2 young children. We spend most of our days in government offices attempting to obtain a never ending list of numbers, certificates, and random paperwork to start our lives here, in some kind of official capacity. Loving Atlanta though and the weather is amazing. Look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

    • Welcome to Atlanta and welcome to the blog – glad you found it! Ugh, I remember those days in the social security office, getting a drivers licence and the like…hang in there, it gets so much better once it’s sorted! Glad you are liking Atlanta so far, it’s a great place, I love it! What brought you over here? Good luck with everything, I’m sure you’ll settle in just fine!

  4. Hi there! It’s great to see someone writing about being an expat in ATL. I grew up on i20 in a town called Carrollton, but an currently living in Ireland. Hope the summer hasn’t been too hard on y’all! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

    • Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy my musings on Atlanta – I am loving living here! The summer has been great this year – last year was a little wet. It’s cooling down a little now though, fall is on it’s way! Hope you’re enjoying Ireland!

  5. Hi, I’ve just come across your blog and really enjoying it! I’ve recently relocated to Birmingham in Alabama from Bristol and started my own blog to document the process so I can relate to a lot of what you’ve written about! Atlanta is on our list to visit so I’ll definitely be referring to your blog for tourist tips!

    • Hey, welcome to the blog and welcome to the States! I hope you’re settling in and enjoying it so far – I’ll be sure to check out your blog to see what you’re getting up to! There’s loads of stuff on here about Atlanta – it’s not the most touristy city in the world but definitely worth a visit, especially now the fall colors are showing on the trees! Let me know if you need any help planning your trip!

      • It’s definitely a culture shock when you move over! You’ll get used to it though and driving from one end of a strip mall to the other will soon become normal, until a visitor comes over and points out how lazy you are! x

      • hahaha! We already find ourselves doing things like that!! it’s ridiculous! I find it funny when I read your blog and all your reactions to things are exactly the same as mine have been. good to know I’m not the only one lol x

  6. Ran across your blog. As I was reading it I noticed we actually live in the same apartment complex! I’m a southern girl, and it’s neat to see you and your husbands many new adventures in Atlanta!

    • Wow – how mad that we live in the same complex! We may have actually spoken to each other and not realized it! Glad you’re enjoying our adventures – we’re always up to something new, we wouldn’t be expats if we weren’t! Hope to bump into you sometime!

  7. Hello! I randomly came across your blog and I love it! My fiancé and I just moved from Atlanta to Reading, England! It’s crazy to see you living as an expat in our home town but amazing as well! I can’t wait to read your blog and follow your journey! Let me know if you have any questions about ATL (never hot-lanta).

    • Hey there and welcome along to the blog! It’s like we switched lives – how are you finding England? I hear you’re having a bit of a heat wave at the minute? Don’t worry – it will have disappeared by next week because I’m heading back for a few days! I’m loving life here in Atlanta – good to know there’s someone there to ask any questions to! xx

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