Being an expat is all about exploring your new surroundings and so far we’ve been very busy bunnies! Atlanta alone is a treasure trove of explorations, never mind adding Georgia and the rest of America to that! The list of places to see, things to do and events to go to is endless!

This is a collection of all the posts about paces we’ve explored so far including Florida, where this little gem was taken:

Aren't we a lovely couple?

Aren’t we a lovely couple?

Expect lots more posts to be added to this page – exploring is our favourite pastime and despite being here for nearly a year and made sure we’ve taken up every exploring opportunity that’s headed our way we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg – there’s still so much for us to see!

You can read all about where our exploring has taken us so far by clicking on the links below – I thought I’d sort it into US states and then realised we’ve only covered 2 so far! Hopefully that list will grow though!

Top 5…




Back home in the UK

In the German’s homeland of Germany


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