A Mountain made of Stone…

Now this I know isn’t uncommon at all – in fact all mountains are made of stone, that is a no brainer! However this one is called…wait for it…it’s a good one…yep you guessed it…Stone Mountain! Yep it was a warm, kind of sunny spring day here in Atlanta so me and the German decided to go and be tourists and check it out!

Now I didn’t really do my research before we went (I think the German did – that’s his thing, I just go along for the ride and the fun stuff!) so I literally thought it was a mountain with some famous faces in it – we’ll come to that in a bit! So I was kind of shocked/surprised when we got there and it was like a mini theme park! Yep think Alton Towers but on a much smaller scale! When I say much smaller scale I mean much smaller but still it wasn’t what I was expecting! So we parked up and headed off to buy some tickets!

We decided to become Mountain Members – anticipating the many other visits we’ll probably have over the next year with friends and family coming to visit! This means we can have an unlimited amount of trips during the next year and check out the rides/games/3D movies etc as many times as we like! Result!

Now here’s the history lesson…Stone Mountain looks a little bit like this…


Yep like I said a massive mountain made of stone with some famous faces in it! Now this is the picture on all the adverts for Stone Mountain…so you can’t tell there’s other stuff to go with it! Aaannyway back to the mountain! So the famous faces are Stonewall Jackson (aptly named there!!) Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davies – three Confederate leaders of the Civil War. In 1916 the United Daughters of the Confederate was given 12 years to complete a civil war memorial in the stone but sadly they didn’t manage it and it was officially completed in 1972 after the initial carver bailed out (then went on to begin Mount Rushmore – bit cheeky if you ask me!) a second sculptor gave up in 1928 and work stopped for 30 years before starting again in 1964 and being completed by Roy Faulkner in 1972. Right history lesson over – back to the fun stuff!

So we got our Mountain Member cards, stocked up on some food (another theme I see entering this blog, our love for stuffing our faces and filling our bellies!) and headed up the mountain! Now it’s 825 feet from the ground to the top of the mountain, you can either take the trail and walk up or take a cable car…guess which option we went for…yep you guessed it the cable car!! Lazy bums! In our defence our Mountain Membership means we can go on it as many times as we like and it was kind of warm…and we got to see views like this on the way up…(I also feel like I’m trying to justify why we used it when it’s really because we are in fact lazy bums!!)


Yep it was a loooong way up but worth it when you got to the top and could see the whole of Atlanta…


Those tiny, tiny skyscrapers in the background are actually the huge ones in Downtown Atlanta! It was an amazing sight and worth the trip up just for that! Once you get to the top you can learn how the mountain came to be (I think we’ve had enough history lessons for one blog!) see some amazing sights like the one above, sit on the mountain and chill out, grab some snacks (popcorn was on offer and despite my recent new addiction to it thanks to the basketball I declined – shocking I know!!) and if you really wanted you could have a picnic! Definitely worth a trip up there!

Now we were lazy getting to the top and we could have been just as lazy to get back down and go back in the cable car but we decided to walk (that one shocked you didn’t it!) – walking downhill is much easier than walking uphill – plus I had flip-flops on – not the best shoe selection for some hiking (I refer back to the lack of research!) So we started on down the mountain and it wasn’t too bad, not too steep and easy to walk down, then we got to a VERY steep part with a handrail that was much-needed and eventually made it down to the bottom! There were some scary moments when I could have done with a hand from the German but he just carried on and turned around to see where I was when it was too late! Typical!

After our mountain descent we took one of the trails back to the main park – now the mountain is more than 5 miles wide and there is a little touristy train you can take all the way around it but we weren’t going that far so took the trail into the woods and out the other side – it was definitely a pretty walk and I’m sure in summer it’s even prettier…


So we made it back to the park and decided to explore some of the other stuff you can get up to! There’s a climbing area that looked kind of cool – if you’ve ever been to Go Ape it was kind of like that – swinging from tree to tree and climbing up nets etc. Now the German really wanted to go on it and I was up for it too BUT when we got to the start my lack of research came into play again – you could only go on it in fully covered shoes. Damn you flip-flops. The German was not impressed. Next time for that one…

Instead we did a bit of this…


Good old-fashioned crazy golf! And can I say it wasn’t just the usual, kind of boring, easy course…oh no no! There were some fancy pants holes let me tell you! And I think I’ve inherited my Dad’s fancy pants golfing skills too – I did pretty well! Yeah, yeah, yeah I know it’s only crazy golf but hey let me have some credit – I never play the sport!

So aside from the crazy golf and many different trails you can take around the mountain (oh yeah I forgot to mention some people were running up and down that beast…running!! Nutters!!) there’s also a 3D movie theatre, a duck boat that takes you into the river, various different shops and restaurants and in the summer there’s a laser light show in the evening that is supposed to be pretty good – we’ll definitely be heading back to sample that beast! And of course before we left we stocked up on some Taffy for the journey home…always thinking of our stomachs! Definitely a good trip out and somewhere we’ll be going back to – even if it’s just to let the German go on the climbing course!!

Oh and sorry for the delay in writing this one…I blame Mother Cook back in England who sent this little bounty over to the states…


What? A girl needs her fix of Closer, Mini Eggs and Percy Pigs!! And I’ll admit it – there was another bag of Percy Pigs but that beast got cracked into as soon as the package was opened and soon disappeared! Ma Cook is a legend!!!

Oh and there are developments on the table building front too – they’re nearly done!! I’ll save that story though for another blog – I think you’ve had enough for today plus I need to give you a tease to keep reading!!