Catching up on life.

Since heading back Stateside after the Christmas holidays, life seems to have been non-stop here in the ATL although nothing major has been happening. Sounds weird, right? So, now that I finally seem to have a minute, I thought I would give you a little update on life in general and what we’ve been getting up to.

Life 1

We’ve been getting out and about in the sunshine and walking more. There are loads of tracks and trails close to our apartment so we’ve been making the most of them. I also got a FitBit for Christmas (thanks Big Bro!) and it’s definitely encouraging me to get off my butt and get moving! We headed out on a bike ride together, now that the German has Greg (his road bike) I can use his old back and I’m not deemed too slow for him! Although I’m not allowed to go out on every ride with him – the boy likes to ride as fast as possible and I like to just trundle along at a nice speed!

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Reflecting on 2 years as an expat.

Reflecting on 2 years

This week marks 2 years since we got on the great big iron bird that brought us all the way to Atlanta, GA to start our new lives. Thankfully, the weather is being much kinder to us than this time last year when our first anniversary was marked with snowmageddon but it still got me thinking of how the past 2 years have changed me into the person I am today.

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Exploring: Osnabrück Weihnachtsmarkt

Weihnachtsmarkt 1

You know how I said Christmas was my favorite time of the year? Well, let’s face it, nobody does Christmas quite like Germany and it’s famous Christmas markets.

Once the end of November rolls around, Germany turns into a sea of Jack Wolfskin jackets, hats and scarves (they’re always well prepared for the cold weather) and everyone heads to their local Christmas market. In the German’s case, this is Osnabrück, and last year we managed to fly in just before the market closed – you can imagine the excitement on my face when I realized we’d make it to Osnabrück before the market closed!

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I bloody love Christmas.

I am officially feeling full on festive! The Christmas songs have been on and the house has turned into a winter wonderland! Christmas is my favorite time of the year. It means Christmas decorations, Glühwein, family and food – things just could not get any better than that. My excitement levels go off the scale once Thanksgiving is over and it’s time to get a Christmas tree and that is exactly what happened this weekend.

Saturday came around and it was time for the now traditional trip with our friends Mandy and Carson to pick out our Christmas trees. So off we went to Braselton and to Cooper’s Christmas Tree Farm to kick start the festive season.

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5 Things I Hate about being an Expat in America…Part 4

Expat Hate

We’ve had another installment of 5 Things I Love about being an Expat in America so, it’s now time for 5 Things I Hate. As always, these aren’t things I necessarily hate, just things that I find different/weird/annoying about life here in the States. Ready? Here goes!

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5 Things I Love About being an Expat in America…Part 4

Expat Love

It seems you guys like to read about what I love and hate about life as an expat in America, so, for your reading pleasure, here is the latest installment.

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I cried at a Christmas advert.

Yes people, you read that right.

My name is Rachel and I cried at a Christmas advert, or two, or maybe even three.

There. I said it. I confess. But, let me just show you which advert actually made me cry and you tell me whether or not this thing made you tear up:

No, just me. Oh dear.

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