Heading home for the Holidays!

That’s right peeps, the day is here!! We’re heading home for the Holidays or Christmas if you’re European!! Woooooooooooooo!!!!

Heading HomeSo depending on when you read this I’ll either be frantically running around the apartment doing some last-minute packing and sitting on my suitcase to make sure it shuts and all the Christmas presents fit in! Cleaning the apartment for the burglars (why do we do this? clean the house before we go away? Is this a worldwide thing or just something us mad Brits do?) running through the airport Home Alone style to catch our flight (this actually did happen last time we went to Europe! It was touch and go as to whether we would make it!) chilling out in the airport with a holiday drink (I’m hoping this is the case this time around!) or attempting to sleep on a 10 hour flight to Amsterdam, getting swollen feet and legs despite the flight socks and no doubt surrounded by screaming children who are determined not to let me sleep at all and kick my seat throughout the whole flight (why am I always the one who ends up this situation? It’s usually nailed on for this traveller!) That will then be followed by a connecting flight to Düsseldorf! Phew! The travelling doesn’t stop there though – after that there’s a 1 and a half hour drive to the German’s parents house!

So as you’ve probably gathered the first stop is Germany! That means a trip to the Weihnachtmarkt (I’m so excited that we get there before it closes!!) meaning Glühwein and a million other German Christmas treats, catch ups with friends that may also include a trip to the German’s local pub, and when I mean local I mean the only pub in his little German village that everyone goes to, and we all know how much German’s like to drink beer right? I’m sure a lot of it will be heading our way! Then there’s Christmas day with the German family where we’ll eat Rouladen and generally do nothing followed by Second Christmas Day as they call it in Germany (or Boxing Day to us Brits!) where the rest of the German family will join in and I’ll be lost in a sea of German and probably thinking about what I’ll be eating for tea/doing in England/getting up to in the morning and other pointless junk because I can’t understand anything (I have to point out here that I do try but once everyone’s talking at the same time and it’s really loud I’m literally lost and switch off!) oh and there’s the wedding planning. Yep, a large majority of our time in Germany will probably be spent planning the big day next year! We have to meet the priest, the guys at the wedding venue, find a florist, find a DJ (I’m kind of worried we won’t have any music at this wedding!) the list is endless! We’ll probably need a holiday to get over this one!

Then after a week in Germany comes the fun part – a week in England!! Blighty, I’m coming back and I am sooooooo excited!!!!! First up is another Christmas present opening session, this time with Ma and Pa Cook and the Big Bro and sister-in-law who I am sure will all be getting fed up of waiting for us to arrive! Then seen as though the Big Bro and I are missing Christmas at home (he’s going to my sister-in-law’s parents) Ma Cook is doing Christmas all over again on New Years Day! Oh yes, that British Christmas dinner will be heading my way a week later than planned!! That means Christmas crackers (don’t worry American friends of mine, I’ll explain what these amazing things are at a later date!!) mountains of food including turkey (hello turkey coma!) Yorkshire puddings (again I’ll explain these at a later date!) roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, stuffing, mountains of veg including sprouts even though nobody really likes them, christmas pudding, mince pies, the list goes on and on! Basically I’m going to get fat and come back to the States in January with the fear of not fitting into that wedding dress and going on a HUGE diet! But nobody can diet during the Holidays right? Exactly! So I’m heading home to make the most of it!!

I also can’t wait to see my family (it’s been about 6 months!) have long overdue catch ups with my friends and of course my best friends baby girl who when I last saw her was just a week old!!! She looks huge in the pictures now! I can’t wait for some baby cuddles! I’ll be hotfooting it to the pub for some proper pub grub (I’m thinking a big meaty pie or something similarly stodgy!) getting fish and chips from the chippy (I’ve been having a craving for this English delight for the past 3 months, even though I hardly ever ate them back in the UK!) and not forgetting a legendary curry from the Dil Raj in Barnsley – no trip home would be complete without it!! Oh and once again there’s that wedding planning to get done! I need to go bridesmaid dress shopping with my girlies, look for things like favours and table decorations, find suits for the boys, try out hairstyles, jeez this thing is never-ending! I’m sure we’ll get it all sorted though!

This does, however, mean a plethora of blog posts for you all to enjoy! I’m sure there will be lots to report back on! So while I may be off the radar for a little while, I’ll attempt to get something written for you lovely people! However, I’m not going to promise this, you might just get a big update when I’m back!!

There is one more thing:


I hope you all have an amazing Christmas/New Year/Holiday Season!!

*The German has informed me that I’ve spelt this wrong on every Christmas tag I’ve written to our German family! Whoops! Bad English wife! Apologies to my German family! The one up there IS the correct spelling though! Well done me!


Another Monday Morning Coffee!

monday coffee button

So today I thought I would link up with Molly again from The Move To America. Remember her? She became an expat at the beginning of October – you can read about what she thinks of the States and how she’s found life in America so far by clicking here.

Now as you know this post is all about setting out some goals for the week and this week I definitely have a few! First up is the dreaded wedding diet.

Live by the scales...

The dreaded scales…

Usually when you’re a newlywed you’re all relaxed and the tendency is that you pop on a few pounds. Not in this house. Oh, no, no, sadly not! This house does things differently and despite being newlyweds, as you all know, we have another wedding coming up in May and I have a brand new wedding dress to fit into! Eeeek! Now I don’t have too much to lose – I’d say at least half a stone (7 lbs for the American’s out there!) but ideally a stone. The thing is it’s a bit tough to diet when you live in America – the land of amazing food and convenience, meaning eating out is so easy! Everything is obviously covered in cheese and despite having the intentions of ordering a salad when we go out, the words burger or burrito always seem to end up coming out of my mouth when our order is taken! Argh!! As with every Monday morning the diet starts today only this time I really, really, really, really need to stick to it! How many times have I said that? But if I don’t fit into that dress I’ll be walking down the aisle naked and nobody wants to see that!!

There’s a bit of a wedding theme to this week’s aims, mainly because I appear to be a very relaxed bride and I fear because of this, the wedding will be here and things won’t be done! Organising the big day in Germany from America doesn’t help either!! We still have loads to do, especially before we head back to Europe for Christmas and New Year – that’s when we have some serious wedding planning to get done! Before we fly over we need to sort out things like what we want in the ceremony (we’re meeting with the priest) the menu and table decorations (we’re meeting with the venue) what flowers I want (we’re hoping to meet with a florist) how I want my hair (we’re meeting with a hairdresser) and lots of other little things that need to be sorted whilst we’re in Germany. Argh!! Making these decisions isn’t easy though – obviously I’m gonna ask my bridesmaids for help picking that all important hairstyle, the flowers and other things but they’re in the UK and I won’t see them until after the trip to Germany therefore its pictures, text messages and emails instead, not forgetting FaceTime and Skype calls! It just makes the whole process that little bit more difficult and time-consuming but we’ll get there and some of these things WILL be crossed off my list this week!

And finally there’s that ever-present job search! Yes people it is still ongoing! I didn’t get the job I interviewed for the other week and the applications are still heading off to their respective places! I just wish somebody would give me a job!! I’m getting cabin fever now – 10 months without working sounds like bliss right? Eventually it gets on your nerves though! There’s only so many trips to the gym and cleaning you can do in the week! There aren’t many shopping trips on the agenda – as much as I wish I could be a lady of leisure splashing the cash on some new clothes (and believe me I do!!) I don’t have the money to spend on the clothes without a job! So if anybody out there wants a writer/journalist/public relations/communications lady, I’m your woman and I’m ready and ready and waiting to get to work!!!

Crossing the pond…The Big V!

So I’m back for more…yep this is post 2 and it took me less than 24 hours to get here! Well I say less than 24 hours it might actually be around 24 hours but hey who’s counting?!

So this blog is gonna take you back, firstly because I need to tell the whole story of moving and secondly having only been here for 2 weeks there isn’t that much to tell you about! So we’re going back…back to when the first ‘shall we move to America’ conversation took place between me and the German!

Now as you already know this question resulted in a ‘HELL YES’ answer…but what we didn’t know is that it isn’t as easy as you think to get across that big pond and start a new life in the states…mainly because of US immigration. Yep they’re tough nuts to crack! So the big mission to get Rachel and Toby to America began!

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