What a load of pollen!!


So first of all it’s been a fair few days since my last post – for this I apologise. I won’t lie – I’m gonna come up with an excuse – my brother and sister-in-law were here so I was spending time with them, but they went home on Saturday and the German left for Chicago at the same time so now I have no excuse. I’m home alone! It is kind of weird going from a full house to nobody!

Right back to the blog post! So this one is all about pollen. Yep the stuff is everywhere in Atlanta right now and when I say everywhere I mean EVERYWHERE! We’re stuck in some sort of pollen haze/hell and it shows no sign of letting up!! ARGH!!

It would appear it’s currently pollen season. Now the German had heard about this and told me exactly what was happening as soon as my car starting turning a yellow colour! At first I thought it was kind of cool…now I’m thinking differently!

So this all started about 2 weeks ago, you first noticed it on the cars…


OK so the picture doesn’t really do it much justice but you get the idea!! Yellow EVERYWHERE! Now I’m sure living in a place that is surrounded by trees doesn’t help but still…

So the car I could deal with – I’ll just get it washed once the pollen has stopped falling (which the German led me to believe lasted for a few weeks – more on that later!) but it was getting worse! Last week I went to Stone Mountain (You can check out what that is in my previous post about it!) and it was a very hot day. The pollen count was so high you could actually see it in the air, my ankles and calves turned yellow from my flip-flops flicking the pollen onto them. At points I felt like I was eating it. It was definitely not enjoyable! I felt disgusting and had a shower once I got home! Ewwww! It fell onto my bag which also turned yellow and like an idiot I wore a white top – yep that had a yellow tinge too!

Outside the house the ground is yellow. You can see footprints where we’ve walked in and out, the handrail is a lovely shade of dusty yellow and the steps have pollen in every crack…


Anything you leave outside gets covered! The German’s precious bike is on the balcony (he actually does love the bike!!) and instead of being black it is a beautiful pollen shade. I’m sure he won’t be impressed when he gets back!! We have a table and a couple of chairs on there – they were brown but they now have a yellow tinge! And my black hurricane lamp…I’ll let you guess what comes next…


Yep you guessed it – a nice shade of pollen yellow! I had the bedroom windows open the other day and despite them having screens over them to stop the bugs getting in the pollen managed to break through! It was all over the bedside tables, dresser and drawers. I was not impressed!

Now when it comes to cleaning this horrible stuff up it’s no easy job! You can dust it with one of those catch the dust duster things (if any of that made sense!) but it still manages to gather in big lumps of yellow in the corners. And within an hour of you dusting it away it’s back!! I was working on the laptop on the balcony last week and cleaned it before I started – you could see the pollen dropping onto it as I typed! By the time I’d finished there were two patches at the front where my wrists had been and the rest was – yep you guessed it – a shade of dusty yellow pollen!!

Now when I say the pollen count is high it is unbelievably high! The lovely people on Fox 5 News Atlanta give you a daily update on said pollen count – last Thursday it reached more than 8000!!!!! I think this could have been the highest on record! Now thankfully yesterday it rained which has brought it down massively – today it is just 1509! Phew! The yellow stuff is still there though!

Now speaking of the rain – when it rains it washes the pollen away! Yay! My car is slightly cleaner, the pathways are cleaner and the pollen count is reduced. Result! But it leaves behind the most disgusting looking puddles…check this beast out…



Now as I mentioned earlier the German reckoned this would last for a couple of weeks, a month tops were his words. Sadly I checked out a blog the other day and they reckoned it sticks around until July 15th!!! July 15th?! Do they really think I can deal with this until July 15th?! That’s 4 months! 16 weeks of yellow stuff everywhere! 16 weeks of constant cleaning! 16 weeks of fighting my way through yellow dust and turning into a big pollen mess when I go out! This I am not looking forward to at all! There’s only one thing left to say…at least I don’t suffer from hay fever!!