The story so far…

So it appears I was being ambitious with 2 blogs in less than 24 hours…I apologise for going AWOL but things had to be done…wait right there and you’ll find out what in a mo!

Now at the end of post number 2 I had my visa – and strict instructions from the lovely man in the US Embassy who issued it to me – to take ALL my documents when I got on that big plane over here!

So at the end of last month we had a big leaving party (BIG thanks to all our friends and family who made it there – you know who you are!) and 3 weeks ago today amid streaming tears after saying goodbye to my mum and dad we boarded the big Delta iron bird and started our new adventure! (I sniffled my way towards however many thousands of feet you are in the air – thankfully I was in the window seat where nobody could see me!)

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