Wow, what a year!

I’m back! How was your holiday season guys? Mine was jam packed, hence the absence from this little blogging space of mine! It involved trips to England and Germany and lots of catch ups with family and friends. Despite all my good intentions to give you some updates I just couldn’t find the time. I also wanted to post this earlier this week but, thanks to some sort of deadly virus from England (we’re talking a beautiful 3 week long cough and cold) I just didn’t feel up to it.

But I’m back now and taking a look back at one of the most amazing years ever! 2014 was very, very good to me indeed! I thought I’d pop together a few highlights for you to peruse over and for me to reminisce about.

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Life is Good. {June in Review}

Wowzers, it’s July already. July! Where does the time go? It doesn’t seem 2 minutes since I was writing my post reviewing the month of May and now I’m writing about June. Time is passing so quickly, blink and you miss it! So, to help me keep track of what actually did happen in June, both big and small, I’m linking up with Belinda over at Found Love, Now What to give you a little rundown of my month, and, once again, it seems a lot of things happened!


I went to my first ever baby shower. These things are only just starting to happen back in the UK –  the mum-to-be is Scottish so her words were ‘having a baby in America is amazing if this is what you get!’

I know I’m late on this one but I watched The Notebook for the first time and yes I was in floods of tears, I’m talking literally streaming down my face.

I loved having Skype dates with my best friends back home this month and reminiscing about the wedding.

We went to our first American wedding and watched our friends Mandy and Carson tie the knot in a beautiful ceremony. Those two are made for each other, it was a fabulous day and the bride looked stunning!

June Review 3

Festival season is upon us in Atlanta, we ventured out to the Virginia Highlands Summerfest 2014. You can read all about it here.

Flights have been booked to Indianapolis and the UK.

I made a new discovery that I’m now addicted to – Passion Tango Iced Tea Lemonade at Starbucks. The Blackberry Mojito one is good too.

My birthday came around and as a present, the German took me to New Orleans. I am definitely a lucky lady! Lots of blog posts to come on that one.

June Review 2

I missed the first birthday of my best friends beautiful baby Lily. This is when expat life is rubbish because you’re not at home to celebrate with friends and family. I did get lots of pictures though (which made me cry) and I Skyped the birthday girl on her big day!

Our niece Christina arrived from Germany with her friend Nina. They went on a road trip around Florida before coming back to stay with us for a few days. I love having people over to visit and showing them where we live.

The German jetted off back to Germany for a week 😦 but this did mean I got to watch whatever trash tv I wanted! Gossip Girl marathons were pretty common.

I met another fellow Brit who’s taking on Atlanta all thanks to this little piece of the internet that I call mine.

The World Cup kicked off, England managed their worst ever performance so I took to supporting the USA and Germany.

June Review 1

We bought a beautiful new wine rack for our living room – an antique store find! I love scouting out gems like this in those stores.

We feasted on cheese and pork pie, a proper English delicacy that we found in a British store in Marietta. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t as good as the real thing back home but it was pretty close!

And the last day of the month was spent watching Germany in action in the World Cup – it was a pretty tense game but thankfully they made it through and I had a happy German!


It’s been another good month in the Richter household and with a trip to Florida, the World Cup Final and a trip back to the UK, July is looking pretty good too! Make sure you head on over to see Belinda and show her some love!

Life is Good. {May in Review}

Today marks the return to reality for myself and the German after the whirlwind month that was May. The German is back at work, I’m making friends with my desk again, I went for a run this morning (and nearly died after so long away from exercise) and weddings are well and truly behind us…sob, sob.

So, I thought I would link up with the lovely Belinda over at Found Love, Now What and give you a little review of the good (and god damn amazing!) things that happened in May, ranging from the little things that make us happy to huge, life changing events, I think you can guess what that one was!

May Review 1
Catching some last-minute sun by the pool for that all important wedding tan.

Some Braves baseball action. Baseball is now my favourite American sport.

Dinner with friends (including the famous queso!) before we left for our wedding.

Having all our friends and family descend on a little sleepy town in Germany.

Eating German stodge (or trying to avoid it for the wedding dress) with the German and his friends.

One word: Maiwoche!

May Review (2)
May’s life changing event full of love and laughter: getting married again!

Still the only picture we have so far...

Still the only picture we have so far…

The new addition to the Richter household: a much longed for hutch! Believe me, I have Pinterested the hell out of hutch pictures!

Fun with friends at Brew at the Zoo.

May Review 3

A cheese board on the beautiful wedding present Pa Cook (or Mr. Mike as we now like to call him) made us for the big day.

A mini-moon in Destin, the place we secretly said ‘I do’ a year ago!

May Review 4
And ending with my first ever American bachelorette party for this beautiful lady at Montaluce Winery in Dahlonega. So excited to see her marry her lovely man Carson this weekend!

May Review 5I think we can safely say May was an amazing month in the Richter household. We were surrounded by love from all angles, and, for the first time in a very long time, we were able to have all the people we love the most in one room to celebrate our love. Jeez, there is a whole lot of love in there! I wouldn’t change it for the world!


It happened…

So, where do I start?

I’m sure you’re all wondering how the big day went and if it actually happened? Well, of course it did! After a week of final planning and the arrival of all our guests from England, last Saturday I finally got to wear my wedding dress, walk down the aisle and marry my very handsome husband once more.

It was the most amazing and perfect day ever and I have so much to tell you about, but right now, with our mini-moon just around the corner I simply don’t have the time. But, I don’t want to leave you in the dark totally! Our amazing photographer, Jono Symonds Photography, gave us a sneak peek at one of our pictures so I thought I would share that with you. Brace yourself people, here it is:

Sadly, that’s all you’re getting right now – this girl needs to get some holiday shopping done and get packing for that all important mini-moon! Destin here we come!

I won’t be leaving you completely though, I’ll schedule a little post and keep you updated on some of our adventures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Stay tuned people, the big wedding update is on its way!

Time to go and get married (again)!


I can’t quite believe the time has come for me to write this post, it doesn’t seem like 2 minutes since the big day was 7 months away, now it’s just 7 days away! Today we’ll be boarding that plane to Germany ready for our wedding day next weekend.

It doesn’t seem like 2 minutes since we first said ‘I do’ on a beach in Destin nearly a year ago, but in just 7 short days we’ll be saying it again, this time though all our friends and family know about it and will be there to celebrate with us!

As with most weddings, it’s taken months of planning. Thanks to my lack of German language skills most of this has fallen on the shoulders of the German, he’s been the one waking up in the middle of the night thinking about what he needs to do not me, but he’s done an amazing job and thanks to his huge spreadsheet with about 20 different tabs it looks like we have everything sorted, we just have to meet with the wedding planners, florists and a couple of other people this week to finalize a few things.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting creative, making table numbers, seating plans and programmes so I’ve done my fair share too! I’ve also spent the last week by the pool catching that all important wedding tan – essential for a wedding day and when you’re lucky enough to have 80 degree sunshine the week before you leave you have to make the most of it!

Hopefully it will all come together nicely on the big day, and, despite arranging this whole thing from a different country and having to (somehow) get everything from here to Germany, this thing will work and be beautiful. To be honest, right now there’s nothing I can do about it so fingers crossed the vision in my head looks just as pretty in reality!

Right now though, our bags are packed (everything we need for the big day is in a separate hand luggage suitcase for just in case a checked bag disappears en-route!) THE dress is in my hand (well probably the Germans – it’s pretty heavy!) and not leaving my sight unless a lovely member of the Delta cabin crew hangs it up for me and, depending on when you read this, we’ll either be trying to bag that all important wedding upgrade (if you don’t ask, you don’t get!), chilling out at the airport, freezing cold and trying to sleep on the plane or in the German’s homeland where the final planning is about to commence.

I can’t wait to walk down the aisle with my dad by my side to marry my German again and to have all our closest friends and family in one room at the same time. Living in the States means we don’t get to see people as often as we’d like, so having them all together will be amazing! I’m so lucky that my friends from England are making the trip over to Germany to celebrate with us too – I really can’t thank them enough.

So if things go a little quiet around here over the next couple of weeks you know why but keep popping by, I do have some posts scheduled while I’m away. Keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram feeds too and I’ll keep you updated on our progress, along with some trips we may have planned, it just so happens we’re in Germany during Maiwoche, I describe it as a kind of Christmas market with a spring theme. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be writing a blog post on that one!

Things have been pretty busy around here lately…

Like seriously busy. Hence why this little blog space of mine has been a little neglected lately!

Wedding planning is now in full swing, this thing is happening in just over 2 weeks! I know, I can’t quite believe it is so close either. We leave for Germany in a week. 1 week. Oh my lord. So this week has been spent ticking everything off the to-do list, and, let me tell you that list was long! We’re slowly making our way through it and it’s looking a lot better than it did this time last week!

I’ve spent hours making table numbers, menu cards and orders of service and I still have some things to make. The German’s been sending emails and making phone calls left, right and center to make sure everything’s organised and booked. We’re still trying to work out how we’re going to get everything to Germany but I’m sure we’ll manage it somehow. We did however, find some time to work on another important part of the big day, the wedding tan:


Yep, the sun decided to shine last weekend so, in between wedding planning, helping some friends move apartment and going to a wedding shower we managed to fit in a couple of hours by the pool. More of that will hopefully be happening this weekend and into next week!

I saw this the other day during one of my many trips to Hobby Lobby for wedding supplies that I just had to share with you guys:

USA collage
America it seems, is already getting prepared for Independence Day in JULY! I need to point out that I saw this at least 3 or 4 weeks ago. Really? So early people? I’m running a 10k on Independence Day and my training has been a big fat zero so far. I’m blaming the wedding planning but really I think it’s just my lack of love for getting off the sofa! I digress, do people really prepare for July 4th so early? I also think the display is expanding every time I visit the shop. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail as they say!

Oh and I finally got my Christmas present the other day! Well, I got the present on Christmas Day but it became a reality on Tuesday night when we went to see British band Bastille! They’re my favourite band at the moment so as you can imagine I was so excited to see them at the Buckhead Theatre – a fairly small venue which I think always makes a gig even better. I’d seen loads of reviews from friends on Facebook who said they were amazing and I definitely wasn’t disappointed – they were fab! I loved it, and managed to get some pretty good pics:

Bastille Collage 2
So that’s what’s been happening in the Richter household lately. I’m hoping to write some more before we go, but if not you know where I am…getting MARRIED! (Again.)

Today’s Ramblings #16

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while so I thought it was high time the ramblings returned! Grab a brew…here we go:

Baseball is back people! This is the exciting news of the day here in America-land. Well actually it officially returned last night but today baseball returns for the Atlanta Braves. Their season opener takes place this afternoon and I think the whole city (including the Richter’s) is excited about it. Soon, next week in fact, we’ll be donning our Braves gear and heading back down to Turner Field to watch them in action…it’s been too long people!

Ramblings 13
Let the baseball snacks (more than likely chilli cheese fries and a burger – that’s not going to help the wedding diet!), lazy days drinking beer in the sun at the ball park, singing ‘Take me out to the ball game’ at the start of the bottom of the seven, the peanuts and of course the chopping commence! #FearTheChop

I spotted this guy at the gym earlier. I mean, seriously, who goes to the gym wearing this stuff?

Ramblings 14
He was on a cross trainer, in jeans, and a fleece. He never took the fleece off for the whole, I’d say 30 minutes or so of his time on there. He did have a towel to wipe his sweat away but jeez, he must have been hot. I’m not sure if the woman knows him or is thinking the same as me? Not long after he took his place another guy wearing jeans and a t-shirt got on a cross trainer too. Is this a new trend I don’t know about? Good on him for exercising though!

Summer is finally here! Yes people, I’ve had a pedicure and these have finally been cracked out of the closet:

Ramblings 15
After a long and very cold winter here in Atlanta the temperatures are rising, the sun is out and my sandals are finally back on my feet! That is where they will now be staying for the forseeable future. Oh how I love the summer! I might have to take a walk later to see if the pool is officially open yet…

Oh and in case you were wondering the critter is still making an appearance. More on that in a future blog post. Let’s just say we’re still trying to track that thing down.

Ramblings over, it’s time to go and eat some leftovers from last night’s Mexican for lunch. Yum!

Have a good day y’all!