Random Ramblings…

Sometimes when I’m out and about I see random things here in America that I think my little blog readers need to know about! My ramblings are basically posts about what is on my mind at that specific moment and has made the day what it is! It can be anything from huge safes for guns (yep, I saw these in Costco!) to my leftover pizza:



There’s also more sensible ramblings like the latest update on my job search, events happening in the US (like the Government shutdown and Columbus Day) and discovering German treats in the supermarket!

You can read my Random Ramblings… posts by clicking on the links below:


2 thoughts on “Random Ramblings…

  1. Hi Rachel
    Just wanted to leave you a quick message just to say how much I enjoy reading your blog, I’ve never actually been to America myself however I know I will one day as it really is the ultimate dream! So I’m kind of living my passion through your blog at the moment, hearing about all these American traditions and just little things they do different to us Brits is really great to hear. There’s so many amazing places to visit I bet it’s wonderful living in such a beautiful place. By the way, I live in Barnsley – the same village where the Dil Raj is, I have to admit I got a little excited when I saw your reference to little old Barnsley.
    I have a quick question too please if you don’t mind.. (It’s a strange one) has your accent changed at all with you living in the states for over a year? I can’t imagine loosing my Yorkshire accent ha-ha. I reckon after so long in a certain place you’ll end up picking up their mannerisms & picking up odd words up too probably.
    Congratulations on your blog, it’s extremely clever & witty, something to be proud of!
    P.s I hope you find the sneaky animal who’s stealing all those yummy sweets on a night, also keep up the foodie pictures please!

    • Hi Jess,
      Thanks for the lovely message. I’m glad you’re liking the blog and I’m giving you the chance to have an insight into life in America. Believe me, it’s fab and you need to make it here one day! Barnsley is actually my hometown. It’s nice to know someone from back home is taking a look at my little old blog! And as for my accent – don’t worry, it’s still there! The Yorkshire may not be as strong (I actually lost that a little when I went to university) but I do get funny looks when I pronounce the place Buckhead – people don’t understand my pronunciation of a ‘u!’ The Yorkshire also makes an appearance as soon as I step off the plane and back into the UK too! As for the animal – he hasn’t been around the last few nights so maybe he’s gone…I’ll keep you posted! Thanks again for stopping by!

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